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Hey friends! My name is Mathew Boudreaux, but most folks know me as Mister Domestic. I learned to sew as a kid, but the antiquated binary gender expectations of my parents got in the way, so I never really felt compelled to up my game. Shortly after out daughter Helena was born in 2013, my spouse bought me a couple sewing classes at Modern Domestic and then I took off like I was at the races. And with my kid as my muse and inspiration, the quality and coolness of the stuff I made far exceeded anything that I thought I’d ever be able to create with my own hands.

And that was what I thought the entirety of my story as a maker would become: me making cool stuff with my kid. But the social media powers-that-be combined with my desire to test out the knowledge I’d just acquired from my MBA at Portland State had a different idea. I’m a fabric & pattern designer, sewing instructor, owner of my new online sewing school SEW U, inspirational speaker, consultant, and global influencer with my TikTok, YouTube & Instagram each set to surpass over 100,000 this year. But hands down, my favorite thing about this journey is the truly inclusive Mister Domestic community that has been created by all of us. And everyone is legit welcome. Unless your happiness if based on the oppression of someone else, of course.


This Transformation Print from my Love is Love Pride Fabric Collection is my favorite design of all my designs ever. I was trying to come up with something graphic to represent transitioning and the transgender community and the idea of a human butterfly popped into my head and voila, the design emerged. I love all the human butterflies and magical unicorns in my life. What would you make with this print? #loveislove #loveislovefabrics ...

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Did you know that he/him, she/her, and they/them are not the only pronouns? This was new information to me as I researched for my Love is Love Pride Fabric Collection and I just thought that was spectacular! So I decided to make a print about it because visibility and this is the Rainbow version of my Pronoun Badges print. What are your pronouns? Mine are he/him/his. Let me know in the comments. Love ya mean it. #loveislove #loveislovefabrics #pronounsmatter ...

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This is my Love Wins print from my Love is Love Pride Fabric Collection. I was totally hanging out with Helena when I designed this and I was trying to come up with a kid-friendly print that’s cool enough for grown ups to want it too. Methinks I succeeded ya? And then there’s totally a black and whit outline one and then in canvas too. What would you make with this print? #loveislovefabrics #pride2021 ...

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Just popping into your feeds to give you some rainbow goodness! So, tadaaaaa 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈. I’ll be live-streaming with @fabricdotcom today at 12:00 pm PT to chat about my new Love is Love Pride Fabric Collection. And if you either miss that or just can’t get enough, I posted a video over on my YouTube channel all about the collection. I can’t believe folks already have it and are making stuff and eeek! Don’t pinch me in case I’m dreaming. Love ya mean it. #loveislovefabrics #fabricdotcom ...

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For my mental health, I will be taking a break from social media for a few days. Watching a company and a queer ally get attacked today from people who should have been celebrating the stand and work they’ve done felt like a real gut punch and I need to take a time out. It’s awesome to hold companies accountable and ask questions. But attacking and accusing simply because you don’t have all the information isn’t accountability. That’s causing harm, and now my fear is that others won’t take a similar stand as @furlscrochet because of this non-sensical attack. Because, for the most part, most companies in the sewing and crafting industries have ghosted the lgbtqia+ community. To me, those are the ones that we should be confronting in this manner. You don’t have to agree with how I do what I do in this arena. But one thing I will NEVER do is intentionally try to inflict harm on a company trying to fight the good fight. I love you mean it, but this was too much. ...

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My 2021 Pride Shirt is now available in my merch store, with a portion of the proceeds going to @trevorproject. And until midnight PT on Sunday, use the code ALLSTAR10 to get 10% off. Love ya mean it happy Pride! #pridemonth #pride2021 #pride🌈 ...

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Y’all! This quintet of fabulosity was created by @delishboutiqueaustralia using my Love is Love Pride Fabric Collection. And like I totally 😭 the first I saw them because they’re soooo exquisite and each one represents a different color in the Pride flag. And like when Shannyn presented them over on her IG, she went into the meaning of the colors and it was just so thoughtful and touching. Truly you need to over to @delishboutiqueaustralia and see all the posts. It’s that special. And she has two more of these available for sale. I snagged the sloth and I already own three other dolls made by her and they’re like keepsake, next level situations so... So everybody say hello to our new little friends. Love ya mean it. #loveislovefabrics #pride🌈 ...

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