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Hi Friends!

H! I'm Mathew Boudreaux, but most folks know me as Mister Domestic.

I’m a sewist, crafter, teacher, speaker, designer, advocate, firm anti-racist, LGBTQIA+, and (best of all) Helena’s dad.

Celebrate Pride All Year 'Round
with the Love Is Love Collection

This inclusive collection showcases the beauty of Pride with designs that represent the entire rainbow of the LGBTQIA+ Community. The fabrics feature all of the colors of the Pride Flag in a multitude of beautiful designs for any project you’d like to create. 

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Love Notes from Fans of Sew-U

“Mister Domestic’s infectious creativity, inspiration and joy had me creating more than I ever had before. His teaching style and most importantly the all-important 95% percent rule, have made quilting and sewing the like very accessible to a novice sewist. He has also created a lovely inclusive community of like-minded makers in pursuit of the greater good of anti-racism, pro LGBTQIA+, which is awesome.

Mathew will teach you how to make the projects you only dreamed of and give you the mindset and confidence to finish.

It’s all about creating a joyous creative process, the product will be what it will…thoughts and words to live by!”

-Dallas O’Donoghue, Edmonton, AB, Canada

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No there is not a “friends and family” discount for handmade items. Friends and family pay full price and then better tip. Period. Anyone relate? #quiltersofinstagram #quiltsofinstagram ...

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In case anyone needed to hear this, including me. It’s like I’ve been conditioned to always carry this guilt for choosing to do things different than the “norm.” Like it’s a disruption. Anyone else carry this or is this a me thing? Also, how do I get rid of it? 🤣 Love ya mean it. Thanks @tinybuddhaofficial #tistheseason #youdoyou ...

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Woven Chevron Stockings, anyone? Tis the season to be extra. You can get the full tutorial over on Sew U. 🔗 in profile. #christmasstockings #handmade #mxdomestic #sewistsofinstagram ...

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This is how I’m able to craft again. Timers! So I’m saving this one to use next time I need to set my Alexa’s timers. You should too if this might help. Do any of ADHD crafters have any tips or tricks to share? #adhdcrafter #adhdlifehack #mxdomestic ...

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First, I could live in this color palette and never need to leave. Now that’s outta the way, no one would choose men. The end. #weaversofinstagram #misterdomestic
🎶 from @lukefranchina

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I give in. You got me when you used all of them in one blow. My gay agenda is officially broken. I’m melting. I’m melting. Who wants to come with me because I don’t wanna be where people who say this kinda things are going. #lgbtqrights #protecttranskids ...

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These wings from @myangel_mywings have blown me away and it’s now on my bucket list to one day recreate this for my own. Until this, let’s ooh and aaahhh together because these are 🔥🔥🔥 #makersgonnamake #wings ...

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The audio from @nayaaford says it all. Anyone else relate? Love ya mean it. #weavers #boundariesarehealthy ...

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Tis the season for handmade ornaments! My favorite part of the holiday season. #handmadeornaments #merrychristmas2022 #christmasornament ...

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I absolutely used to be that human who thought I was “woke” until I got out of my own way to actually see the reality of race in America. And that me sitting back just watching it happen was a big part of the problem. And I absolutely don’t want to be racist. It’s gross. But I am. Anyone with racial privilege is (AKA white humans). It’s impossible not to be when a system was designed FOR you. So, I had to unlearn a lot of learned behavior and wrong information. So I check my own biases and indoctrinated racism. Every day. It’s a conscious effort for me and I’ve been doing it for a few years, but the blind spots are everywhere so the growth and unlearning is ongoing. Because once you take time to actually see, it’s impossible to unsee and inaction is no longer an option. That’s why so many choose the “willfully ignorant” route because then they’d actually have to work on themselves, so… The quote is by @shes_mightymighty & graphic from @cartoon.called.life. Also people don’t say “woke” anymore that’s gross. Just so we’re all clear on that subject. 🖤 Love ya mean it. #blacklivesmatter #thisisamerica #whiteprivilegeisreal ...

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