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About me!

Hey friends! My name is Mathew Boudreaux, but most folks know me as Mister Domestic. I learned to sew as a kid, but the antiquated binary gender expectations of my parents got in the way, so I never really felt compelled to up my game. Shortly after out daughter Helena was born in 2013, my spouse bought me a couple sewing classes at Modern Domestic and then I took off like I was at the races. And with my kid as my muse and inspiration, the quality and coolness of the stuff I made far exceeded anything that I thought I’d ever be able to create with my own hands.

And that was what I thought the entirety of my story as a maker would become: me making cool stuff with my kid. But the social media powers-that-be combined with my desire to test out the knowledge I’d just acquired from my MBA at Portland State had a different idea. I’m a fabric & pattern designer, sewing instructor, owner of my new online sewing school SEW U, inspirational speaker, consultant, and global influencer with my TikTok, YouTube & Instagram each set to surpass over 100,000 this year. But hands down, my favorite thing about this journey is the truly inclusive Mister Domestic community that has been created by all of us. And everyone is legit welcome. Unless your happiness if based on the oppression of someone else, of course.


Quilting up my Non-binary Pride Weave today and plan on taking lots of naps. What are y’all up to today? Tell us in the comments. Love ya mean it. #quilting #janome ...

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Helena and I have an appointment to paint each other’s nails later, so I crocheted a quick African flower so I could be all matchy matchy for the Gram. Anyone else got fun plans for the weekend? Woop! Woop! #crocheting #campcoloryarns ...

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I mean, tbh, I’m generally both of these things at the same time and it’s a constant battle between the two and I have no idea which one is winning at any time, but like that’s too many words to put on a graphic so…. Thanks @tinybuddhaofficial ...

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Finishing up the binding on the charity quilt for @dragqueenstoryhour expertly quilted by @garden_gate_quilting. Also, I just have to say that I love my f*€king life. And all of you choosing to be a part of my journey is a major f*€king part of that. So hi love ya mean it. #misterdomestic #quiltersofinstagram ...

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This quilt by @quiltingjetgirl was made from bonus blocks from her first Sky Full of Stars quilt that she made using my #loveislovefabrics. That legit blows me away because this right here is gooooorgepus. If you agree let me know jn the comments. Also hiiii! #quiltersofinstagram #quilts ...

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So I was live-streaming talking about this current project and I forgot the word spider so I called it a land octopus. So now all spiders will be referred to as land octopi. Also it is undecided whether them now being land octopi makes them more or less scary. What are your thoughts? Also I’m falling in love with orange. What the what! Love ya mean if. #africanflowercrochet
🧶 from @campcoloryarns in @tlyarncrafts’s Hi Fidelity
💅 Orange Drink from @holotaco

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Y’all! Have you seen this set that @downstairsdesigns made using my Magical Unicorn Canvas from my Love is Love Collection? Like this looks so expensive omg I’m obsessed. And then the little pronoun badge key fob omg yes! Magical unicorns for the win, ya? What would you make with this fabric? #loveislovefabrics #handmade ...

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Queer Creator Being Targeted on TikTok. I was literally advocating for the protection of queer kids over on @tiktok and my video was reported and taken down for “hate speech.” Organized groups of trolls are basically using the algorithm to get left-leaning and queer creators banned. And these groups are permitted to remain on @tiktok while queer creators are getting banned left and right. Please tag @tiktok, tag media outlet, contact the news, and message TT at communitymanager@tiktok.com and comment and share this video and help it blow up pretty please because I’d much rather find a solution instead and feel safe again than to abandon 232,000 folks who legit enjoy all this good good. #gayartist #lgbtqrights ...

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For International Non-Binary People’s Day, I decided to weave up a panel using the colors of the #nonbinarypride flag. Each stripe color represents different types of non-binary identities: Yellow for people who identify outside of the gender binary, white for nonbinary people with multiple genders, purple for those with a mixture of both male and female genders, and black for agender individuals. #nonbinaryday #nonbinarypride ...

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Am I the only one who thinks this photo is 🔥? I was all here working on my African flower tarantula and I decided to lay out some of the shapes to feel my oats and then I was like oh snap that looks 🔥 I wonder if it’ll be a 🔥 photo. And then tada question answered. And like I know I’m posting this at the wrong time for the algorithm but I couldn’t wait to show y’all, so…. Yay! Also the yarn is from @campcoloryarns and it’s @tlyarncrafts bundle which in itself is 🔥. So love ya mean it 🔥🔥🔥🔥 #crochet #furlscrochet ...

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