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Hi Friends!

H! I'm Mathew Boudreaux, but most folks know me as Mister Domestic.

I’m a sewist, crafter, teacher, speaker, designer, advocate, firm anti-racist, LGBTQIA+, and (best of all) Helena’s dad.

Celebrate Pride All Year 'Round
with the Love Is Love Collection

This inclusive collection showcases the beauty of Pride with designs that represent the entire rainbow of the LGBTQIA+ Community. The fabrics feature all of the colors of the Pride Flag in a multitude of beautiful designs for any project you’d like to create. 

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Love Notes from Fans of Sew-U

“Mister Domestic’s infectious creativity, inspiration and joy had me creating more than I ever had before. His teaching style and most importantly the all-important 95% percent rule, have made quilting and sewing the like very accessible to a novice sewist. He has also created a lovely inclusive community of like-minded makers in pursuit of the greater good of anti-racism, pro LGBTQIA+, which is awesome.

Mathew will teach you how to make the projects you only dreamed of and give you the mindset and confidence to finish.

It’s all about creating a joyous creative process, the product will be what it will…thoughts and words to live by!”

-Dallas O’Donoghue, Edmonton, AB, Canada

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One of my many mottos in life is: “Family is who is supposed to treat you the best, not treat you the worst.” This is not how it was for me growing up. I was trained that family is allowed to treat you like crap and you just have to take it because they’re family. For the record, that’s wrong. Family should love unconditionally. Family should uplift not judge. Family sure as hell doesn’t ask for a “friends and family” discount for handmade items. Family pays full price and upon seeing the item just has to pay more because it’s so amazing and clearly we undervalued it. Amirite or amirite? Also #throwbackthursday or whatever. #quiltersofinstagram #quiltsofinstagram ...

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Okay, so, I couldn’t lunge and crochet right now If my life depended on it. And that’s cool. This video at @thedobetterstudio was before the pandemic and I was at peak strength there and I just felt amazing. Honestly, most days, I’m managing. I’ll speak more on that when I’m ready to, which is not now. But I want to feel amazing, whatever that looks and feels like given the cluster fuq that is living in 2022. So I’m slowly figuring all of that out. Okay that’s enough vulnerability for today, I feel like I’m bout to make it awkward, so. 🤣 I’ve never been one to stop and either smell the roses or take care of myself. I’m taking the time for me. And @balancebybrittany might not have me lunging and crocheting right now, but I’m actually making baskets with an actual basket ball into an actual basket and has me hiking to spots that test the nuances of my fear of height. Like what?!?! These are absolutely things. But looking back on this memory absolutely had me 😭 in all the good and necessary ways. And like please go listen to the full song over on @november_ultra’s page. She’s a must-follow on this platform. Her voice just hits the core. Love you, mean it. #crochetersofinstagram #workingonmyfitness #multitasking ...

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Say hello to my Inclusion Weave with all the colors from the Progress LGBTQ Pride Flag, 🏳️‍🌈🤎🖤🏳️‍⚧️ This Kaleidoscope Weave is in @weftyneedle & my Fabric Weaving book that’s out now. Head to my shop to get yours. Unless you already have it. If that’s you that tell me in the comments. Im contemplating like a Weave-a-Long or something and wanna see who might be interested.😂😂 love ya mean it! #lgbtq🌈 #prideflag #youarevalid #fabricweaving
Shirt from @mahoganymommies Song by @beyonce #beyoncerenaissance #beyoncé #beyhive🐝

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SEWING HACK: glue basting my machine quilt binding. Game changer. Time saver. Next-level experience.. Also this @patternsbyannie stiletto is my fave. #quiltersofinstagram #sewingtips #misterdomestic ...

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YARN SWIFTER AND BALL WINDER DEMO: I am officially adding “making cakes” to my list of things that bring me joy. Where my cake makers at? #yarnlove #crochetersofinstagram #yarn ...

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MAKING ROPE BOWLS: Wrap it. Zig zag it. Round and round we go. Where it stops nobody knows. I mean I know. Because I made this. But like you weren’t here so you don’t know. But if you want to know, there’s a tutorial over on my YouTube. #ropebowl #sewing ...

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The most relatable piece of content that I’ve seen in a long while, so I had to share this from @blcksmth. I understand, Chicken. I understaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand! #thisisamerica #reproductiverightsarehumanrights #lgbtqrightsarehumanrights ...

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This is so incredibly important for parents to understand this stuff. #remix with @jacobiouss #internetsafety #conspiracytheories #tiktoks ...

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SEWING HACK: Continuous Bias Tape Tutorial #biastape #sewinghack #misterdomestic ...

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