Me + You Weave Wall Art

Basically I have discovered the baller-ness of the triaxial weave using a gradient and when I was sent these amazing Indah Batiks and Solids from Me + You fabric, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them. Tadaaaa!!!

No that’s not the end but this picture was certainly bomb diggity in its own right. But I really enjoyed the look of the raw weave from my Zipped Case and thought that combined with the earthy feel of these fabrics that it would look gorgeous as a wall installation duet of warm and cool colors.

So basically I went to town with progress shots of each. Here’s the warm:

And here’s the cool:

And here they are on the wall together:

I plan to decide on a sturdier mounting of these two, but, for now, I’m just gonna let them hang out there just like that.

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  1. […] Case that I gave to Melissa who made the case pattern. The next two that I did were intended for Wall Art, but I gave those to the fabric company. So this one I decided was all for me and that no one, not […]

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