Perception Quilt: Red Sea

So I’ve referenced my quilty yoda, Nydia, a couple times in the past because she’s been so super awesome helpful to me. But she’s almost like level 10 talented and has so many awesome patterns that everyone should make. One in particular kept calling to me and I just had to make it: the Ocean version of her Perception Quilt. But since I had the Kona reds and purples at my disposal, I went with my own version that I have dubbed “Red Sea.”

I think I used around 40 or 45 colors in total. I stopped counting after a while and totally couldn’t retrace my steps if you asked me, but it was a lot.

So I started with the pinks and corals at the top and, for the record, I love pink now. There I said it.

But then once I finished the third row, I was having trouble transitioning to the purples. So I totally skipped to the bottom.

Then I honestly just kept going until all of the spaces were filled up on my design wall and my gut felt all tingly. Here are a series of progress shots.

Then the piecing began and it started to sing to me. Tadaaaaa…. Perception: Red Sea.

I’m in no hurry to quilt this one, but I decided to go ahead and post about this baby because it was super rad!

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