Playground Summer Clothes

With summer at its peak, I knew it was the perfect time to revamp Helena’s wardrobe. And nothing says summer quite like Amy Sinibaldi‘s Playground Collection. Like legit its awesome: playful, stylish, & smart with a splash of whimsy and a dash of nostalgia. And lucky for me, there were both knit and voile prints on this playground. 

I started with a knit get up using the Swing Bubble print and Strawberry Kiss Pure Elements solid. And lucky for me, the Simple Life Pattern Company has these uber rad Capri and Tshirt patterns with oh so many options. For this, I opted for simple sporty versions of each.

Next was my first go at voile, a substrate that I only recently discovered and has me absolutely entranced. It’s so light and breezy that I knew it had to be like a flowy maxi. And thank you SLPCO for having the perfect pattern!!!

And not like Helena actually lets me pick her shoes or anything, but if she did, the fact that the same kicks match both is a win win in my book.



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