My Favorite Backside (Tutorial)

So this post is totally devoted to my new favorite pillow backside. And by favorite, I mean like I like it a lot and am gonna make all pillow backs like this until I don’t want to anymore or find a new favorite. And it totally happened out of necessity because I didn’t have any zippers and I wanted it quilty and didn’t feel like getting out of my pajamas. And then I decided that I wanted an envelop back of sorts but it needed more support so I added snaps and ooooooooh I got the feels.

Like honestly it can be a front for all intents and purposes, but now I’m gonna share with you how I got from there to here.

So these are the supplies I used:

  • 1/2 yard of the Liten Ditsy Field print in Pat Bravo’s Heartland collection
  • 18″x22″ piece of batting (or fleece blanket that I’m totally chopping up at the moment)
  • Spray adhesive (because I’m allergic to pinning)
  • Aurifil 2205
  • Smiles 

So the first thing I did was sliced the 1/2 yard in half so I had two Fat Quarters. Then I sliced the fleece in half so I had two 18″x11″ pieces. One FQ at a time, I sprayed it down and placed the fleece at the midline of the fabric and then folded the fabric over.

Then I quilted up a storm with my walking foot as Helena sang LET IT GO to me. I made diamonds basically following the same lines in the Tumbling Blocks Weave Grid, but I only did one diagonal instead of two.

On the edge that was folded over there were a bunch of loose threads, which weirdly made me giddy because that meant I got to hide the knots. Here’s a step by step picture if you like that kinda thing:

  1. Find the threads
  2. Tie the threads in double knot 
  3. Thread needle and stick at end of stitch line
  4. Guide the needle through the quilt sandwich about and inch 
  5. Exit the sandwich
  6. Tie another double knot
  7. Snip threads 
  8. Enjoy 

If you’re like “do what?” to the picture, I also have a mini tutorial video here.

With the clean edges facing each other, I placed one quilted flap over the other flap by 2 inches. Once this is done, the outside of the square should be all raw edges. I clipped and then basted the overlapped 2 inches on the raw edges. Then I used my mighty Frixion to mark a center dot one inch away from the clean edge and then four inches to either side.

Then I got my hammer out and played with these bad boys.

Once I did the top snaps, I lifted each one up to find where the bottom snaps went and then it was Hammer Time again.

Oooh la la. Then right sides together, I centered the 16″x16″ pillow front over the back, cut the excess off the back and then used a 1/2″ seam right inside of the original square on the front panel.

I also tack my corners using a zigzag stitch with a stitch length of .3 and width of 2 and then snip the corner off.

Then boom goes the dynamite…. my favorite backside.

Woop! Woop!


  1. patriciasliney

    Ack! Too cool for school! LOVE this idea! Have done something similar with buttons, but the snaps are The.Bomb. Saving this post for “future use”, lol!!

  2. PJW

    Love your backside, and the pillow’s too. Thanks for sharing your process in making it. Will totally use this for the weave along that is finished but I couldn’t decide what to do with all that loveliness. Do appreciate the free pattern and your weaving enthusiasm. Got me started on a new adventure.

  3. chellesquilts

    That really could be the front of a pillow. In fact, you’ve given me some ideas…..
    LOVE it!!

  4. Marija Vujcic

    Loved this from the moment you shared and now I realized I didn’t leave a comment here! That is not nice… 😉
    I am definitely doing this!! Now I tried only Kam Snaps before, they are plastic (it’s more for baby/kids stuff), so I am not sure they will work here? But if not, I will just have to go get this system! 🙂
    Thank you for a great how-to and of course for the whole fabric weaving fun and inspiration – I can’t stop!! 🙂

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