Nightfall Wicked Hex Mini

When I first laid my eyes on Maureen Cracknell‘s Nightfall Collection, I knew that I wanted to find a project where I could cram in as many prints as I could. And with Libs Elliott’s Wicked Hex Mini pattern, I was able to use all but one. 

The idea came to me when I realized that the owls in the Bird of the Night prints fussy cut perfectly into the larger triangle/hexi piece.

Once I realized this, I played with some of the other prints and quickly realized that this collection was a perfect fussy cutting playground.

Now as much fun as I was having cutting up a storm, I was having trouble visualizing the big picture. So I decided to draw out the pattern on foam board and tape the pieces onto it as I went.

The entire time, I knew that I wanted a half and half board that was not quite a mirror, but had a clear division between the two halfs. After looking at the entire collection online, I realized how perfectly the collection was divided with the two color schemes Moonset & Moonrise and I kept going until it was filled in.

Now with all the pieces in place, I needed to figure out how to put Humpty Dumpty together. Thankfully, I was given so many ideas and suggestions on one of my posts on Instagram and was determined to try them all. In the end, I landed on two techniques: one involves tiny whip stitches and the other involves stitching in a zipper fashion that I was introduced to by Anjeanette Klinder. I also discovered that sexy light totally works on English Paper Piecing! Scooooore!

And I’m not one to revel in the backside of my quilts, mainly because they generally look janky, but this one looked ├╝ber cool.

Once I removed all the paper, I decided to quilt following the natural lines in the piecing, which was the standard triangle grid for hexies starting in the center and moving out every two inches.

I saved the Mothlike Shadows Deep print for the binding, which really framed the mini nicely I think. 

And look, I got some labels and used one for the first time on the back.

Now I’m legit! Woop! Woop!


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