Curvalicious Pillows

So I’ve been feeling curves lately…. Basically I was all like “hmmm…. I haven’t done quilty curves yet so let me check up on that.” And like I didn’t think about level of difficulty or any of that jazz. I just dove right in feet first or whatever and basically Sizzix and Fabric Depot are both to blame for this because the die cutting made it seem easy enough. And thank goodness I had Felicia because she basically held my hand through it all and now I have some super cool tips that I learned over at the Brother blog so head over there to get some pearls and/or add some of your own if you have them.

So this post is all about the ooh la la. The first set was a trio of sliced up Double Wedding Ring pillows using The Lavish Collection by Katarina Roccella, The Cleta Collection by AGF Studio, and some Denims from The Denim Studio by AGF (respectively).

And then the piece de resistance was my rainbow pillow using 4 1/2″ clamshells. I used a monofilament thread from Aurifil and was able to use my fancy laser on Felicia to do 1/4″ horizontal quilting.

And here she is all pretty like.

And legit the precision that both Sizzix and my Brother Dreamweaver allowed made this curvalicious adventure pretty painless. So basically embrace your curves and stuff!

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  1. Mathew Boudreaux
    wednesday's creations studio

    These pillows are gorgeous. Love all the combos. I particularly like the black n white one. The clam rainbow pillow is fantastic. It needs a quilt now 🙂

    I’ve been playing this game of stitching all of my life. Sometimes with gusto sometimes “just cause”. I love watching and reading your adventures cause they remind me of me with a voice. I love your fearless courage – I believe it’s the only way to be – and you are a living example of why.

    Your enthusiasm is so contagious! Thank you for sharing your gift! JOY! Pure joy!

    Forever pals 🙂

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