Sizzix fun at Fabric Depot

This past Friday and Saturday, I was invited to join the Sizzix fun with Elaine, Trudy, and Paula at Fabric Depot. And not only do I feel like I made some new friends, but I also learned some cool projects along the way. And loooook, I got a flyer and everything. 

The first project we worked on involved making ornaments with double-sided Peltex Pellon 72F and fabric charm squares. I wasn’t cool enough to think to take a picture of one when I was there, but here’s a video on Facebook live showing what we did. I did take a picture of some next level action with this project that Paula taught me. I plan on doing a tutorial of how to make these, but here’s the pic:

Also, Elaine came up with the dope idea to make garland using felt circles and a straight stitch. I totally took a picture. Yaaaay! 

And here’s a video showing how to make this garland. And like this isn’t limited to being a holiday thang so go to town with it.

And then, I decided to tackle the Kid Giddy doll while I was there on the second day. I made a Mister Domestic version and started out with him having an undershirt and boxer briefs. Lookie!

And here he is all finished before I made the clothes.

And then fully clothed in a long sleeve tee and joggers, much like myself when not working.

And like Kerry has a cool how-to video that I recommend watching fully before and each step as you go. 

So that was my super fun adventure with Sizzix and the Fabrics Depot crew. Expect lots more fun with both in the future.

Later gators.


  1. Mathew Boudreaux

    Looks like you had great fun, the boy doll is great , cute underwear ,

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