Undercover Maker Mat

So I snatched this free bombtastic Undercover Maker Mat pattern from Lillyella’s Craftsy months ago and immediately put it on my never ending queue of projects-to-make. I kept lamely putting it off and putting it off, and then, Nicole decided to have a Sew-Along this month and, since I always wanna support my peeps if I can, I had to join the fun. 

Coincidentally, I had just completed the Poetry half of her Love Story pattern the week before and this mat the perfect opportunity to find its permanent home in my “play” room.

Since I had used this badass print from Sharon Holland‘s Tapestry Collection, I decided to make the entire Undercover Maker Mat using more prints in the collection.

Once the main panel was complete, I didn’t have any trim for the borders and was like waaaaaah. But this had like this AMAZEBALLS lightbulb idea to fussy cut one of her prints to make both the trim and binding. And oh em gee my mind was blown.

And theeeeen, when I got to the thread catcher, I saw the needed dimensions and had another AMAZEBALLS lightbulb idea to make the Prose half of the Love Story pattern for it.

Then through the magic of thread, needles, and caffeine, my Undercover Maker Mat was complete. Yeeeehaw!

Seriously, everyone who sews needs to make one of these. Ah-ma-zing!

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  1. Mathew Boudreaux

    Beautiful, still working on mine! And now you announce the new Sew Along you are doing, I’m never going to catch up with all of these fun Sew alongs goin on, your killin me smalls.

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