Embroidered Ornament Tutorial

So I have a confession to make. Prior to this project, I had never done machine embroidery, nor did I think I would be interested. And like it took me like 80 years (not really like a month or so) to finally open the embroidery box to my DreamWeaver™ XE because I thought it would be super hard and I wasn’t really interested in reading a manual to figure it out. But I did it anyway and oh em gee and I’m super stoked that I did because it was/is a blast. Like basically, I spent like 6 hours straight embroidering different things and staring at it while it worked its magic. And part of this spree included some Christmas designs and I totally had a light bulb moment: ORNAMENTS!!!!

To find out how I made these little gems, head over to my post on the Brother Site. And seriously they’re super duper quick so you’ve got time!!

Merry Christmas!!!

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