Advent Star Tree Topper

After I made the Swedish Advent Star Ornament, I decided to take it up a notch and make a tree topper. Originally, I was just gonna add this to that post, but I’m loving on this one enough that I think it deserves its own space on my page. 


Here are the supplies you’ll need:

So I’m not going to go through all of the  steps as I did in the original tutorial, but I am going to share the additions here. So make sure to head over to that post if this is your first stop on the fabric Advent Star train. 

These are the additions for the preparation of the strips:

  • Fuse the stabilizer on the fabric before folding the strips
  • Make each strip 15″ once you have topstitched (you’ll need a total of 18 finished strips)


Here you’ll be weaving 9 strips into 9 strips with a basic over-under basket weave. Instead of having the strips flush against each other, I left a small space in between each strip and used glue and pins to secure each intersection. Then I let it dry per the instructions of the glue.

And the only difference now between the ornament and tree topper is that you’ll need to weave each corner to create the canoli, using a clip to secure each time you glue the strips.

  1. First glue to two strips directly on the corner together to create the base structure of the canoli weave.
  2.  Next, starting with one side, glue the other three strips onto the opposite strip of the base structure, alternating over under.
  3. With the remaining strips, weave each one through the glued strips and glue on the opposite base strip using the same over under pattern.

Once this is dry, the remaining steps are the same as the ornament. The star is actually pretty lightweight and you can just use stick the top tree branch through one of the canoli holes and enjoy. 

If you have any questions or need something better explained,feel free to reach out or post in the comments. Happy holidays!


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