Aysha’s Quilt (AKA School Pride)

Okay so it’s winter break for Aysha and she’s a senior in high school. Yaaaaay her! And I totally think she was a junior when she asked me to make her school colors. Here’s her picture of what I’m assuming is a wall somewhere in the school for reference.

And I’m not gonnna lie, this color combo scares me a little. And to make it worse for myself, I chose quite literally two Pure Elements solids that were an exact match to this picture: Royal Cobalt & Burnt Orange. While I could’ve gone outside-the-box with prints or introduced other colors, this was very much a school pride quilt, so I stayed in the box. So all of this is why it is December 24th and I just finished the quilt.

I was struggling with a layout, so I decided to make a bunch of half square triangles to see what happened.

And then a layout began to emerge that got me all feeling the feels that I jokingly referred to as “caution.” 

Then I sewed them all together and even spun my seams like a boss. 

Then boom, all done and I was only mildly still scared.

I decided to do some clean echo quilting using Aurifil 50wt Dark Cobalt and Pumpkin Spice.

And once I was done with this I was like oooooooh this is niiiiiice. And I used the same Reminder Alloy print from Pastel Thrift for the binding which I thought was a perfect addition to the orange and blue because I knew the power of the neutral.

And honestly by the time I cleaned up the straggler threads and took these pictures, I had fallen in love.

And like I shared this whole journey here because I knew better than to doubt I would love it because (1) it is filled with love so that would show and (2) I’ve been doing this long enough to know that it always comes together in the end and sometimes it takes longer to visualize. And while I do wish that schools would consult me for bomb color combos, I don’t have time for that and really any combo can be made to work with some research and intuition. Here are a couple color boards in my Pinterest to show how I do my research and get color inspiration:

So thanks Aysha for asking me to make this for you and being all patient-like. Love you!!! 


  1. Mathew Boudreaux
    wednesday's creations studio

    Thanks for sharing the whole story – very sweet indeed. I love the off center trip, such a classy touch. Clearly done with love, as always, it seems 🙂

  2. Mathew Boudreaux

    Ooooooooooo – I love this! And the cherry on top – is how you set the design just off center. I was so surprised to see that in the final reveal pic, and it’s awesome! Bold solids like that are outside my comfort zone as well – but you NAILED it! She’s gonna be lovin on that quilt when it arrives!

  3. Mathew Boudreaux

    It’s beautiful and I like that the design is not centered!

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