Improv Poinsettia: FMQ Edition

If you don’t know the world of improv piecing quilt blocks, it is a gloriously freeing experience that gets me all zen-like and makes me feel like a painter with fabric. In a nutshell, I have a general idea of what I want the final image to be (in this instance a poinsettia) and I determine the number of blocks that I’ll need to create it (in this case 4). The “painting” involves a lot of slicing and sewing and manipulating until it’s just right. Here’s one block so you can get a glimpse of the process.

Here’s the whole image I created with four blocks.

I chronicled my journey into free motion quilting Miss Poinsettia over at the Brother blog and I shared a couple things I learned along the way. So head over there because it’s fun.

Happy holidays!!!


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