Mother-Daughter Janie Dresses

A few weeks ago, I got the most awesome message from Lucia asking me to make matching mother-daughter dresses for Hannah’s first birthday. She had already purchased the adult and kid Janie dress patterns for me from Mouse House Creations and had a teepee for inspiration that Francie and Co had made Hannah. It’s absolutely amazing. Look.

So since I’m an uber dork who’s basically imprinted into memory all of the knit prints from Art Gallery Fabrics, I knew exactly the print I had to use: Lilium Expectations from Sharon Holland‘s Gossamer Collection. 

Isn’t it perfect? So once I got the PDF patterns put together and cut out, I started with Lucia’s dress since I was cutting it short with the 3 yards I got and knew that I could essentially use the “scraps” to make Hannah’s. 

It’d been awhile since I made knit apparel and had learned some new tricks along the way, so it was super exciting to try them out and watch them elevate my construction. The main new thing was using a stretch twin needle to hem. I made a short video if you wanna see it in action. 

​[wpvideo pv5Q1oCn]​

And like I’d used a twin needle on knit years ago and was never stoked with the results because it eventually came undone. However, I recently learned to use Wooly Nylon or Maxi Lock Stretch in the bobbin and oh em gee is it a game changer with knit. For the topstitch, I used two spools of Aurifil 50wt in Pale Pink.

Also, do you know about this Clover hot ruler press thingy? Like you can iron right over it and press even-Steven hem. How cool is this?

And now for the big unveil. I’ll start with a couple teasers of Lucia’s dress and a behind the scenes photo so you can see the drape of the skirt.

And here is Hannah’s dress. Talk about cutness overload. 

And now the mommy-daughter Janie dresses side-by-side. Seriously, this pattern should be a in everyone’s arsenal because it is that good.

So happy happy birthday sweet Hannah and thanks Lucia for trusting me on such a special occasion. It was my honor for sure.


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  1. Mathew Boudreaux

    You are an amazing creator, sewer, tailor, artist.

  2. Mathew Boudreaux

    It’s perfect that mother and daughter can both have these look! Great post! These dresses are beautiful.

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