EPP Party Block 3 – Thirds Beauty

I can’t believe we’re already into week 5 of the EPP Party. To say I’m blown away by both the creativity and participation is an understatement because woweewow y’all. 

If you’ve seen any of my previous English Paper Piecing work, you know I’m obsessed with the hexagon third shape. Breaking up a hexie in this way adds so much dimension I think. So for the free template and additional info on this block, head over to Pat’s Blog. And if you’re just now starting the party or are ready to get the whole precut kit, head over to Paper Pieces to buy the papers for the first six blocks. 

This block consists of exactly 42 2″ hexagon thirds. Geometry was definitely on our side with not having to waste any paper, but you’ll need to make some cuts. And if you got the EPP Pack of precuts, you only have 42 hexagon thirds. So here’s the step-by-step on how to cut the shapes.


Using washi or masking tape, mark off a 12″ x 12″ inch square on a cutting mat. Layout 34 hexagon thirds without cutting any as seen in the picture below.

Take four hexagon thirds and cut them in half like this.

Place them in the layout like this.

Cut the remaining four hexagon thirds like this.

And place them in the layout like so.

Check out these blocks made by the EPP Party-goers using Art Gallery Fabrics.


Click on the thumbnails below to see the videos in YouTube.


Congratulations to @mamabeelydia for winning the prize package for block 2!!! The prize package for block 3 is an awesome same Ice Cream Soda EPP kit from Tales of Cloth. Jodi uses only recycled materials in her papers and packaging, so not only is this an awesome sauce kit, but it’s all good for the planet and stuff.

And this picture isn’t the actual kit, but I had to brag on her packaging. Ah-Maz-Ing!


And the winner will also receive a bundle of 24 Fat Quarters of Pat Bravo Fabrics.
If y’all have any questions or comments or tips, feel free to leave them in the comments. And don’t forget to use the #eppparty on Instagram to be eligible for the prizes! Happy stitching!



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