May Aurifil Designer of the Month = ME!!!!

I feel like ever since my sewing and social media collided, its been a never-ending series of opportunities that I never ever ever ever imagined would present themselves to this uber goober. And most definitely in the top of the OMG Whaaaaat?!? moments was being asked by Pat Sloan to be an Aurifil Designer of the Month for 2017. 

When asked about my month preference, I without hesitation picked May because it’s both Helena and my birth month, so I thought it would be super neato to pay homage to that in the block inspiration. But as I finished my inspiration collage, I realized that I’m drawn to the rich ominous looking reds. Too many horror films I think.

So from this inspiration board, I grabbed my fabrics and thread, which was a simple enough palette from Art Gallery Fabrics pure and floral elements that was perfect for what I had in store.

So combining the inspiration, the birthdays, and my obsession with both quilting and fabric weaving, this Faux Weave Block almost designed itself. 

To get a free PDF of the block, head over to Pat Sloan’s blog to get it and learn how you can enter to win a free large spool box of Aurifil thread. And then head over to my interview with her on the Aurifil site, where I definitely keep it 100 and hopefully will give you a chuckle or two. 




  1. Mathew Boudreaux

    You are doing wonderous things! Congratulations on designer of the month. Your resulting block is stunning. A work of art on its own.
    So glad social media has brought you into my world.

  2. Mathew Boudreaux

    This is absolutely beautiful. I love seeing how you create your work. I’m just now getting more into quilting since I’m thinking I can’t sew for my kids FOREVER, right?

    P.S. May Baby here too!

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