Soulful Westbrook Tee 

Okay so this might be one of those TMI moments, but after gaining some lbs I haven’t been feeling knit fabric for myself. Like it shows stuff and as much as I all accept my present curvaliciousness, the wrong cut of a knit shirt makes me look like I have mammaries. There. I said it. But there was something about the intention and style of Sew Sew Def Magazine that made me feel confident is giving it a go with the free Westbrook Tee pattern that came with my subscription. And boy am I glad that I did because I’m in love with both the style and fit of this shirt.

Maureen Cracknell has this new Soulful Fabrics collection with Art Gallery Fabrics and when I saw the knit options, I knew that I wanted them on my body. I threw in the Tin Tint Pure Elements solid knit and top-stitched with Aurifil 50 wt Dove thread.

I generally use my serger for sewing knit, but, with the amount of topstitching, I didn’t want to add extra bulk so I used Felicia. I even made a fun video with her using a twin needle to hem the sleeves. And once I was finished the shirt and tried it on, I knew it was a keeper. Not a mammary in sight. 


So in the end a few things:

  1. Sew Sew Def Magazine is legit. It’s a magazine for all genders of sewists and makers that is like approachable cool so get it.
  2. Fit is everything
  3. Yaaaaaas 

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  1. Beth LaMotte

    Love the material, love the shirt. Great pic!

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