Grainline Archer Button-Up: Woven Pocket Tutorial

So one of my friends wanted me to make her a shirt with a quilted woven pocket on it and of course I said yes, because saying no is hard. But really I didn’t think it would work. In my head, it would be too heavy and bulky and would make the shirt drape weirdly. But, since most of my sewing journey involves overcoming this voice of doubt in my head and making it work, I plodded through and woweewow am I stoked that I did. So, this is me now telling all of you that adding a quilted pocket is totally worth the extra work and now I’ll share the steps I took to make it work.

To read my full blog on how I added a woven pocket to this Grainline Archer Button-Up shirt, head over to my post on Brother’s Stitching Sewcial.


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  1. Mathew Boudreaux

    Very cute! And good for you for telling that doubty voice in your head to shut it. 🙂

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