EPP PARTY BLOCK 6 – Honeycomb Candy

Block 6! Whaaaat?!? How’d we already get to Block 6?!? Lots of awesome sauce and even more bombtastic stitching, that’s how!  So are y’all ready for some honeycombs?!?!

For this block, you’ll need 76 honeycombs. You can either print off the templates on Pat Bravo’s blog or, if you haven’t purchased them already, you can get the precut packs for all the blocks at Paper Pieces.


There were way too many little pieces for me to even consider precutting the shapes to a 12×12 square, so I used the technique from my YouTube video to square off the blocks after stitching. 

Check out these blocks made by the EPP Party-goers using Art Gallery Fabrics.


I made this video for curves, which aren’t in the EPP Party, but there’s a new stitch and more laughs so it’s definitely worth a watch. 


Congrats to @seamstresskris for winning the prize package for Block 5!  The first half of Block 6’s prize are these amazing templates from Cabin in The Woods Quilters. Quoting directly from the website:  “All Templates come with center finish size and outer 3/8″ standard halo for adding seam allowance. Templates are clear and come with a removable paper backing. The best part is… no more guessing sizes. Each template fits with every other template that is marked with the same size. Need a jewel and a kite to fit with your hexagon. Pick out the 1″ hexagon and the 1″ kite and 1″ jewel work perfectly with it.”

The second half of the prize is this bundle of 24 Fat Quarters of Art Gallery Fabrics that I curated. Sooooo yum!

So party hearty everyone! And don’t forget to use the hashtag #EPPParty with your progress posts on Instagram to be eligible for the prize.



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