Clamshell Dilly Bag 

Back in January, Sharon Burgess asked me to participate in the tour for her new book, Quilting on the Go… English Paper Piecing. When I said yes, I had no idea where my new obsession with EPP would take me but I feel that the timing of this project was perfection. It’s almost as if every project before this one built up both my acumen and confidence to tackle the clamshell.

I received this amazing book shortly after the start of the EPP Party. We had explored introducing curves in the party but opted not to, so it was totally a serendipitous moment when I opened Sharon’s book and saw the Clamshell Dilly Bag. I’m often on the lookout for projects that will add skills to my arsenal, so committing to this one was also a commitment to finally conquer the appliqué stitch. 

So before I could conquer anything, I needed to decide what fabrics to use. Actually it didn’t take long because it was one of those moments where the Fabric yelled at me from across the room. The classic design in the chic colors of Amy Sinibaldi‘s Les Petits Collection was the perfect compliment to the curves of the clamshell.


And I could think of no better background fabric than the Indygo Shadow Solid Smooth Denim from Art Gallery Fabrics. And check me all out getting my stitch on with Cheetos-stained fingers! 

And of course I had to capture an artsy fartsy picture once all the clamshells were stitched up.

I especially love how this collection has one golden-hued print and I wanted to highlight that in this bag, so I used it as both the lining and rope casing using my Ermine Aurifil 50 wt thread as the perfect top-stitched accent.

Without further ado, here is the Clamshell Dilly Bag in all his glory! I love how the random, scrappy layout gives it a different look depending on the angle.

And one other bonus in this project was that I not only conquered the appliqué stitch with this shape, but I made a YouTube video to help others conquer it as well.

So bottom line, Sharon’s new book is beyond bananas. There are so many other rad projects in it that I totally plan to make in the future. I would 100% recommend it to EPP-ers of all skill level. 


While I don’t promote anything unless I legit love it, this post contains affiliate links.


  1. Mathew Boudreaux

    Love, love love your Dilly Bag! The fabrics you chose look so classic with a feel of modern. The book has been on my wishlist and I think I need to go make it reality!

    1. Mathew Boudreaux

      Thanks so much

  2. Mathew Boudreaux
    Phoebe Ingraham

    Love this dilly bag!!! I sent for the book, ordered some clam shell templates, and I watched your helpful video (so glad you didn’t lose it when your computer crashed!). Today, I cut things out and read the instructions all the way through. But I’m confused. The lining is cut at 14.5″ wide, but the exterior is cut at 23″ wide, and the circumference of the base is 22″. How did you make the lining fit the base and the bag? What am I missing? Thanks so much!

      1. Mathew Boudreaux
        Phoebe Ingraham

        Mathew, I want to thank you again for responding to my question about the dilly bag directions. I had checked the website of the book, and had even clicked on the pattern collections link, but somehow missed the corrections. As the diagram showed the measurements for the pockets, I was convinced it was not the lining that was incorrect, but the bag itself. But oh my goodness, that made it quite a skinny little dilly bag! I love your Instagram posts and your tutorials. I absolutely love Art Gallery fabrics, and have been so delighted that you are working with them. Your patience and thoughtfulness in responding to my confusion shows how much you enjoy helping sewists. It wasn’t even your pattern, and the corrections message is right on the blog with the book! Thank you for your kind and quick reply. I’m now making my little bag with great delight!

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