EPP Party Block 8 – Anana

I am so super stoked about Block 8 you just don’t even know. When Pat and I were designing all the blocks for the party, I was persistent about the need for a pineapple block. Like I’d never seen an EPP version before and just knew that it’d be a blast to stitch up. So here it is in all its glory: Anana! 

All the remaining shapes for the EPP Party can be purchased at Paper Pieces in Party Pack 2. Or you can print out the shapes using the free templates provided on Pat Bravo’s blog. Here are the shapes all laid out.

Now this block has a lot of different sized shapes. There is the center square and then groups of four of each shape. Here they all are in their groupings. Please take note that the bottom left two groupings in the picture below are very similar, so pay close attention to the height of those when you group them together.

And just like a traditional pineapple quilt block, you start with the center square and work your way out until you have the finished block.

Check out these blocks made by the partygoers using Art Gallery Fabrics.

There are no new videos for this block, but there’s lots of entertainment on my YouTube if you wanna binge watch some comedy.



Congrats to @unravelingquilter for winning the Block 7 prize pack. The first half of the prize package for the next two weeks is this bundle that I curated and am legit obsessed with. 

And the second part of the prize package in brought to us by Indygo Junction: five 3D Fabriflair EPP kits. I’ve had experience making these and woweewow are they fun to make!

So keep on keeping on! And don’t forget to use the hashtag #EPPParty with your progress posts on Instagram to be eligible for the prize.


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