EPP Party Block 9 – Sugar Wheel

Sugaaaar Wheeeeeel is heeere! Which also means that we have officially crossed the half-way point area-wise in the EPP Party! Yaaaaaaay! 

All the remaining shapes for the EPP Party can be purchased at Paper Pieces in Party Pack 2. Or you can print out the shapes using the free templates provided on Pat Bravo’s blog. Here are the shapes all laid out.

If you got the pieces from Paper Pieces, you have the option to keep the squares in tact or to cut 8 of the squares into half square triangles like I have. See two of the eight squares outlined in white below.

Below is how I sewed my sections together before sewing up the larger block.

And then here she is all finished. Hubba hubba.

There are no new videos for this block, but there’s lots of entertainment on my YouTube if you wanna binge watch some comedy.


Congrats to @littlemisskasha for winning the prize package from Block 8. The first half of the prize is a bananas fat quarter bundle of 24 fabrics by Pat Bravo Designs.

The second prize is an EPP kit of your choice by Tales of Cloth. Here’s a picture of a La Passacaglia rosette using Charleston Fabrics that Jodi put together.

So keep on keeping on! And don’t forget to use the hashtag #EPPParty with your progress posts on Instagram to be eligible for the prize.


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  1. Mathew Boudreaux

    Ooh this is lovely we can’t wait to start this one, we are a group of ladies having a go and loving it. We were a little late to the party, but no pressure. We are enjoying the party and will not want to leave!!! Thank you 🙂

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