Mister Domestic’s Sewing Party 2

As soon as I saw the new Capsule and Fusion Collections that were to come out this summer, I knew that I wanted to host another sewing party. And I also knew that I wanted to invite a new group of folks to this party that didn’t come to my first party. And now that the party is officially over, I must say that I really know how to throw a party!


There were a total of five collections, so I picked five makers and asked them to pick their favorite collection out of the five to see where it lined up. There was only one overlap with Le Vintage Chic and no one picked Woodlands, which was actually my favorite out of the five, so, instead of asking anyone to swap, I decided to join the party myself as a maker! Woohooooooo! Party time!

Here’s the line-up for the party:

411 Alert: Capsules by AGF Collections are themed micro collections created by AGF In House. Fusions by AGF are themed micro collections of recolored popular prints from the AGF Designers.


So, first up was Justin of Keaton Quilts using the Le Vintage Chic Capsule Collection. He paired the collection with the Afternoon Sail Solid Smooth Denim to create this magical quilt top.



Next up was Kristi of Schnitzel and Boo who used the Reverie Fusion. She made a super fun quilt top using White Linen Pure Elements Solid and Rose Feather Outland Yarn Dyed with Reverie Hexies covering the intersections.



Paola of Love of Fabrics used the Bachelorette Fusion and made not one, but two projects using the collection. She made both a pillow and a bag and both projects were linked through their use of intersecting strips of fabric. Clever clever.


Alisa of A Stitch in Between used the Spices Fusion to make this amazing foot stool cover. And she’s legit lucky she doesn’t live too close to me because I might try to snatch it if she did.



Elise of Elise and Emilie was the second maker using the Le Vintage Chic Capsule Collection and woooooow is her make spectacular. She made this fantabulous quilt using the collection that Helena is obsessed with.



And then rounding out the party was me using the Woodlands Fusion. Head over to my blog post to get all the information about these Cathedral Windows pillows that I made.

FullSizeRender 10

So another Mister Domestic’s Sewing Party has come and gone and I hope that we’ve been able to provide y’all with oodles and oodles of fun and inspiration. Be on the look out for more parties to come because I’m basically a party animal.


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