EPP Party Block 11 – Floral Wreath


Okay legit this block was tough for me until it wasn’t and then it was magic. This is Block 11, which means it’s almost to the end, which also means that a lot of creative mojo has been used to get us this far. But trust, if the mojo light is dimming, it will bounce back once you figure out your fabrics for this one because woooooow is it magical when it all clicks.

EPP Weekly Block Graphic 11

All the remaining shapes for the EPP Party can be purchased at Paper Pieces in Party Pack 2. Or you can print out the shapes using the free templates provided on Pat Bravo’s blog.


Now we’re totally getting into some itty bitty shapes, so make sure not to breathe too hard when laying these out. To get the layout right, I placed all the larger triangles first and then worked in the smaller ones.

THE STRUGGLE IS REAL: Where I struggled was the fabric choices because I knew the potential of this block. At first, I kept starting with the center pieces because they were larger. I would baste them thinking I had found the perfect one and then was stumped with the rest of the block. I no joke went through 10 fabrics this way. Then I decided to go the other route and decided on the tulips. Once I did and worked from there everything else fell into place. This may or may not be a creative roadblock for you, but if you hit one, definitely take a step back and approach it differently. 


I started with the smaller pieces and worked my way toward the center. Check out the images below to see my approach to stitching this block.


A huge congratulations to @sewnhandmade for winning the Block 10 prize package. The first half of this block’s prize package comes from Paper Pieces. Seriously there’s a lot of fun to be had with that many diamonds!


And the second half of the prize is a Fat Quarter Bundle of 24 fabrics curated by Pat Bravo.

Party like its 1999 y’all! And don’t forget to use the hashtag #EPPParty with your progress posts on Instagram to be eligible for the prize.


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