Flowermania is Here

I am beyond overjoyed to finally announce that the Flowermania English Paper Piecing Pattern is officially here! Yaaaaaay! When Karen asked me if I wanted to join forces with her to develop an EPP kit what seems like decades ago, my love for the technique was still in its infancy, so I had no idea where my brain would take me once I sat down and started designing. And even now that it’s officially launched, it blows my mind that I was able to come up with something fresh and fun and edgy that I could see myself making for years and years to come.

So first off, if you want to purchase this kit, you can purchase it directly from The DIY Addict.

I’ve been working on the Cascade version of the pattern and am almost finished. Yaaay! For now, here’s a little video showing all the color versions of the flowers that were each inspired by color combinations found in nature.

[wpvideo 9sMkYe80]

I have created a few Flowermania-specific YouTube tutorials that walk through both the optimal basting and stitching for the shapes in this pattern.


Flowermania stitching.jpg

Here  are some pictures showing what the final steps look like in real life.

And if you’re newer to English Paper Piecing, I have a slew of videos on my YouTube Channel on all the steps in the process, so head over there to watch all the fun to get my tips and tricks to find your own method that works for you.

Here are some flowers I’ve made so far using prints.



So get ready, get set, and go! Welcome to Flowermania.



  1. Mathew Boudreaux

    Absolutely my favorite EPP pattern!

  2. Mathew Boudreaux
    Valarie Garza

    hi there! is it possible to get just this pattern or only through purchase of kit? Thanks! Just discovered your work through APQ February issue and I’m loving your designs!

    1. Mathew Boudreaux

      The only way to get this is through DIY Addict as a kit. Thanks so much for coming to play. Yayaya

      1. Mathew Boudreaux
        Valarie Garza

        Thank you so much for answering so quickly! I guess I will be getting a kit 🙂 your designs are stunning!

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