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Ever since I started on this journey called Mister Domestic, I am constantly in this headspace of feeling like I have to pinch myself because it all feels so other-worldly. Like I’m just this dude at home sewing things I think are neato and having a blast doing it and sharing what I learn along the way. And then I was all approached by Aurifil almost a year ago now to design a thread collection for them. And the challenge I put upon myself was to put together a box of 12 must have threads for myself as if I were never ever allowed to use any other thread again. And for a hot minute, this was a daunting task. But once I sat down and really thought about what I would need and why, the box pretty much created itself.

This thread box contains 12 Large Spools of 100% Aurifil Cotton. These are the colors and weights:

  • 50wt: White, Black, Ermine, Dove, Light Leaf Green, Pale Pink
  • 28wt: Mustard, Very Dark Navy, Muslin
  • 40wt: Turquoise, Iris, Blue Grey

And loooooook, I’m all legit-like listed on the Aurifil website too. And if you wanna order it, then contact your local Aurifil Dealer. Once I get some boxes in, I’ll list them in my shop as well.


So okay yaaay, it’s a box of pretty thread, right? But like I felt like I’d be doing such a disservice if I was all like hey y’all go buy this $100+ box of thread because I said so. Like no, that’s a chunk of change and that’s not how I roll. It’s also my job to show you why this box of thread is quite literally Mister Domestic’s Tool Box.

And I know we’ve all done this. Like we’ve finished a project and it’s time to pick a quilting thread or a top stitch and then we get nervous and anxious and go to the store or buy something online just fingers-crossed hoping it looks cute. Or we pick a thread color because we love that color to pieces and then put it into our machine and it just doesn’t look right. I know I’m not the only one with a big ole box of threads that don’t get touched. And I can tell you right quick that I paid waaaaaay more than $100+ on that big ole box of wrong choices.

So this is why I did a color study on all the threads in my box on low, medium, and high value/saturated colored fabrics. I wanted to show you how versatile each and every one of these threads are on quite literally every hue and color in the rainbow. Here are high resolution images of each for you to save and zoom in so that you can see for yourself. I made sure that the white and color balances were correct when I snapped these pics and I did zero editing. In other words, this is exactly what I see IRL.

I have a video on my YouTube channel where I discuss each color and share some the specific color study and project images for each. So make sure to head over there to check it out.

There’s also an interview I did over on the Aurifil site where you can both learn more about me and see even more of my project pics using threads up close. Aaaand they’re having a giveaway of one of my boxes so make sure to enter!

Here are the images from the video in case you wanted to see still versions. The black and white I use for piecing and the bobbins based on value and saturation of the fabric, so there aren’t any pictures beyond the value study above.


MUSLIN 28 wt & ERMINE 50 wt

DOVE 50 wt & BLUE GREY 40 wt


PALE PINK 50 wt & IRIS 40 wt

And these aren’t the only project pictures I have using these threads. Since October of last year, I’ve predominantly been using these, so they’re strewn all throughout my blog. So stay tuned for even much funtastic projects featuring the Mister Domestic’s Toolbox! Legit this is my dream box of thread and now that it’s out in the open, I’m gonna be hard pressed to use anything else.


To celebrate the launch of the Mister Domestic’s Tool Box, I’ll be hosting a two giveaways on both Facebook and Instagram until Friday September 15th @ 5:00 pm PDT. So make sure to head over to both for your chance to win.




  1. Mathew Boudreaux
    Matt Wilding

    Great selection and a fantastic post. I especially love the 28wt threads. Hoping your toolbox will come to the UK

  2. Mathew Boudreaux
    Melody Lutz

    Absolutely perfect! I love that you have a variety of weights too. Congratulations on your most awesome collection. Yes, gotta get one.

  3. Mathew Boudreaux

    I love the green and the grey, which I think I have! But I’m not sure what numbers they are? Are you able to provide them for Ermine, and Ivory ….well the whole box actually! Our supplier in Australia, Jen Kingwell’s through the Always Quilting store, uses numbers, not names, to identify and order thread. Many thanks!

  4. Mathew Boudreaux

    I really like how you stitched out your thread selections in the color study. That looks like something I should do. Oh, and stitch out all the wonderful fancy schmancy stitches on my machine. (something I started when I got it 2 yrs ago) Yes, that is what I should do, the color study in lovely Aurifil thread using decorative stitching.

  5. Mathew Boudreaux

    I love that mustard color and would love to try it in the 28 wt.

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