Nest “Be Kind” Knit Dress

Instead of doing a post about my process of making this dress, I decided to gush over the fabrics here because I’m absolutely obsessed. Of course I’ll show the dress pictures on the bottom because if I didn’t I’d have to change the title.

I used a combination of a knit panel from the Nest Fabrics Collection and two prints from the Knits Striped. Like how awesome are these?

The Adventures Await knit panel from Nest has these four adorbs graphics and each one is the perfect size for a kids shirt or dress. And the whole Nest collection is totally for kids, but it’s like super chic and elevated so I might even make myself some digs from the prints.

And the Knits Striped oh em gee you just don’t understand! Art Gallery Fabrics Knits are hands down my favorite out there and this collection is 15 different stripes that are perfection. Of course tights & dresses are a must with these, but I also have planned to make a simple pieced knit quilt soon so be on the lookout.

Now for the dress!!! Wowowowowoow! I love it so much. I pulled the thick black stripe for the bands because it’s printed and would be the same black as what’s in the panel and then the skirt stripe has the same pink in it! And then the 50 wt Pale Pink Aurifil from my Mister Domestic’s Tool Box was basically destined to be my thread for this project. I can’t wait to show Helena!! I know she’s gonna flip!

Be kind.



  1. Mathew Boudreaux
    April Martin

    Beautiful- your daughter is blessed to have you! My mother sewed most of my clothing until I was in high school. Thankful for her and love to see others are continuing the tradition!

  2. Mathew Boudreaux

    This is adorable! And I’ll bet it’s really comfy, too. I’m not the best garment maker. Too slow a sewest to keep up with the grandkids’ growth. (I swear they are truly weeds. Very, very tall weeds.) You are inspiring me.. again.

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