Quilted Knit Striped Pillow

Oh em geeeeeee! Like legit I had no idea this project would be as bananas awesome as it is to me. When I saw this new Knits Striped Collection with Art Gallery Fabrics, I immediately knew I wanted to make quilty things with it. Like I can’t get over the beachy SoCal sunroom vibe this is giving me and I don’t think this is because it’s winter and cold either. Like cowabunga. And of course Helena fell in love and wants it for her room, so I’m gonna make her another one and am in the process of working on a quilt too. But wait? I thought you couldn’t quilt with knit?!?! Um negative. Rules are lame and there’s always a workaround. Trust.

knit pillow (1 of 1)-3

The first step involves fusing midweight woven fusible interfacing to the back of the knit before cutting out the pieces. For this pillow, I cut 49 3.5″ squares and alternated between horizontal and vertical orientation and I randomly laid them down. I have tips and tricks for all of this in the YouTube video that I created.

And here are a couple still pictures of the front and the back of the full pillow panel.

In general, you should use a ballpoint of jersey needle since knit is stretchy and can caused runs like pantyhose from the punctures in the fabric. However, I used a denim needle to quilt my pillow and am fairly confident it’ll stand over time since the interfacing will keep it from stretching. And I used my Aurifil 50 wt Ermine thread to quilt with, which looks like perfection on every color of the knits.


I created a YouTube video that focuses on the preparation and piecing of knit fabric for quilting projects, which seems to be the biggest obstacle to people using it in quilts. So click on the picture or link and enjoy.

RUN CLUB copy.jpg

And here are some of the goodies that I used for my project.


So for real, quilting with knit is super awesome and soooooooo comfy. Like there’s the obvious T-Shirt quilt that we all need to make once with our keepsake t-shirts, but they honestly aren’t super cute, so once is enough. But then, what about like old jersey dresses or like little girl shirts and dresses as your little lady outgrows them. Omg I have to do this. So run free with this. And don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t quilt with knits because heck ya you can!


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