While She Naps Podcast


If y’all don’t know Abby Glassenberg, she’s the Queen of Plushie Patterns, the Top Investigative Journalist of the Crafting/Sewing Industry, one half of the cofounder dynamic duo of Craft Industry Alliance, and the voice behind the While She Naps Podcast. And guess who’s on this week’s show?

There was definitely a lot of laughter and fun, as y’all should expect by now, but we also got deeper into the business of Mister Domestic. So your headphones and cop a squat with some popcorn as you listen to the While She Naps Podcast.

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  1. Delilah Christensen. (Lili)

    Just met you thru While She Naps. Great interview. Thanks.
    Especially value your integrity. If you lost viewers due to who you are, please know you are gaining some for the same reason. Authenticity matters. Honesty too.
    Looking forward to checking out your offerings. Lili

    1. MathewBoudreaux

      Omg you’re the best! Thanks so much for the comment. You make my heart smile.

  2. Denise McIntosh

    Just got to listen to the podcast. You are such an inspiration. Loved the podcast and you allowing us to get to know you and your journey.

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  4. Lauren Macdonald

    I really enjoyed your podcast! Loved hearing how you have developed your brand, but are keeping the positive attitude. Thanks

  5. John Bellot

    Wow great podcast! You gave me hope and I’m ready to start crafting and enjoy what I love.

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