Ooh La La Zippered Box Pouches


So after I made the Quilted Zippered Box Pouch, I basically couldn’t stop and immediately started eyeing my faux leather and vinyls. In case you missed it, there’s a tutorial on my YouTube channel that’ll teach you how to make your own.

Quilted Zippered Box Pouch copy

The first one I made was for Helena, of course, and she immediately ran to her purple sparkle vinyl that I got from Sew Sweetness. It’s sturdy enough that you don’t necessarily need to put in lining, but I did anyway because Helena told me to. Yes, I’m wrapped around her finger I know it. Instead of fusing the fusible fleece to the exterior fabric, I fused it to the lining. Also, instead of folding the exterior fabric, I affixed the raw edge onto the zipper and did a double stitch with Aurifil Iris 40 wt for both added durability and a cute detail.

So it’s not like I was straight up jelly of my kid, but I decided that I wanted some oooh la la zippered box pouches of my own. I had some black Sew Sweetness faux leather and some silver pleather from Paradiso Designs that were just the tickets I needed. The Sew Sweetness faux leather is thinner, making it super easy to integrate into all the projects, but it definitely called for lining and was all stitched up using Black Aurifil 50 wt.


And then for my own sparkle moment, I was able to use the Paradiso pleather without a lining because it was thicker and had like a felt feeling back that was too gorgeous to cover. I chose a blue gray zipper and Blue Gray Aurifil 40 wt for the stitching.


I think I’m officially done making these for a hot minute, but they’re beyond addictive, especially in these iterations because they take like 30 minutes to make. Here are some of the supplies I used:


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