Loved to Pieces Flower Hexie Pillow

So Modern Handcraft is basically the coolest. Everything she makes is amazing and hip and too cool for school. And her patterns. Wow oh wow. They are legit some of the best made patterns I’ve seen. So when I got her Hexie Pillow pattern, I immediately added it to my project queue waiting for the perfect collection. Never did I ever imagine that that collection would be my very own Loved to Pieces that I designed with Art Gallery Fabrics. Mind blown. Living the dream. Please don’t wake me up.


And another thing that I had in waiting was this Sharon’s Secret Foundation that I got from Purple Daisies. Basically it’s a foundation that you can leave in and it washes away. So I cut out all the hexies on my Sizzix machine in this foundation and didn’t even have to take them out when I attached them to the Bluebottle Field Textured Denim! Woohoo!

For the quilting on both the front and the back, I used the Light Turquoise from Lecien’s Tsu Mu Gi Collection, which was absolutely perfect.

Here are some of the supplies that I used during this project.

With invisible zipper installed, I stuffed in a 20″ x 20″ pillow insert and boom… the Loved to Pieces Flower Hexie Pillow was birthed.



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