Stacking Pop-Up Containers


Oh boy are these addictive to make… And oh so practical. Once you make enough for all the rooms in your house, these are easy peasy quick gifts for all your friends and family. For reals. I bought the Fat Quarter Gypsy pattern and refills at Fabric Depot probably a year ago and felt totally inspired to finally make a few once I got my hands on Loved to Pieces.


And once I figured out what the pattern was saying, which was clear as day, but my brain couldn’t compute, I decided that these definitely called for a video tutorial.

Mister Domestic YouTube 2 copy.jpg

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  1. Mathew Boudreaux

    This looks really fun and very useful. I am putting this on my list to do.

  2. Mathew Boudreaux
    Chandra Cox

    I definitely need to make these for my friends and family!! So stinkin’ cute!!

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