Daddy – Daughters Outfits by Emma Taliercio

I am beyond honored by the number of makers who made something for my Loved to Pieces Booth at Spring Quilt Market 2018, so I’m going to write a blog post for each one. First up, this amazing trio of outfits made by Emma Taliercio using my Pieces Bunches in Wild Print.


I asked Emma what patterns she used because they were all darling and this is what she said:

Both the dresses are the Geranium Dress by Made By Rae, I used the expansion pack to add the sleeves on Helena’s and the collar on Tillie’s. Your shirt was made using McCall’s M6972 which comes in Mens and Boys sizes so if someone wanted to make their son a matching shirt in the fabrics that’s an option!

Like seriously check out all three of them in my booth.

And while these makes clearly speak for themselves, I thought it would be super neato for everyone to learn a little more about Emma:

I started sewing (or at least catching the bug and wanting to learn how) when I was just big enough to sit on my Nana’s lap and take pins out of dresses she was making for me and put them back into the pin cushion in the EXACT holes they had come out of haha. Eventually I was big enough to sew dresses for my dolls and then started making them quilts which led me to quilting. For years I’ve primarily only been making quilts for myself and friends as they got married or had babies of their own and hadn’t sewn clothes since those dolls dresses with the exception of a dress here and there for myself and a few Christmas’s ago when I made all 6 of my cousins and 4 sets of aunts and uncles all matching pajama’s. The geranium pattern is special to me because I had seen it made so many times on social media that I had fallen in love with the pattern before I even had a child of my own to sew for. I’m so excited to finally have a tiny baby of my own to make dresses from this pattern with but also love that it sizes all the way up to a 12 so I can make her and her older cousins matching dresses from the same pattern. When I was little my Nana would make my mom and I matching clothes but I’m so thankful I got the opportunity to make the matching shirt and dress for Mathew and Helena because now I’m inspired to make my husband and daughter matching sets just like this!

And while we haven’t had the opportunity to see Emma’s newborn in her dress, Helena and I both have had the opportunity to wear them and are in love.

From the bottom of my heart, I am forever grateful Emma for your selfless spirit and sharing your talent with my family. Everyone join me in giving her a big thank you!

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