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Norma I. AgrÛn of Norma’s Bag Boutique is insanely talented. Check out her Instagram to see what I’m talking about. She’s taking a short break in her Etsy Shop, but I’d definitely go favorite her shop and email to find out when she comes back because I’m absolutely floored by these two makes from her for my Spring Quilt Market Booth. For those that watched my strike-offs unboxing video, you probably remember that these two prints are pretty personal. The Mandala Drops design was made for my sister and the Laced Infinity design was made for my mom. So putting them both in this duo definitely gives me the feels.


And then not only did Norma make these two bags, but she made two other ones with the fabric. Like wow right? Get to know her a little better and her projects in her own words:

Hola! My name is Norma I. AgrÛn from Norma’s Bag Boutique. I’ve been sewing since I was a little girl. Like many of you, my grandma, who was a terrific seamstress, taught me how to sew. I remember going with her to fabric stores and feeling so great about all the possibilities with fabric. My mom is an artist (sews, paints and sculpts) and has always encouraged me to be creative. I used to sew my own clothing when I was a teenager and even through College. Then when I became a mom I began sewing for my two daughters. I took a small break on sewing and created with polymer clay for several years. During those years I learned more about proportion, balance, color theory and also being patient while creating. Then somehow around 2010 I started sewing again but this time I tried making bags. I love how with something so shapeless I can create different shapes by using the right materials. I also found that sewing bags puts together my love and knowledge of math, geometry, color theory, sewing and creativity to make something very functional and beautiful. I learned lots of bag making techniques using patterns from different indie designers.

Even though I don’t quilt or do EPP I really admire the techniques and results. When Mathew introduced his first fabric collection: Loved to Pieces and I saw the Mandala Drops in Midnight I fell in love with it. I knew I wanted to use that fabric for some bags. Then he invited some followers (so generous!) to create something for his Quilt Market booth and I was one of the lucky ones picked to make a bag with matching wallet. Woo Hoo!


For the wallet I used the famous Necessary Clutch Wallet (NCW) Pattern from Emmaline Bags. I knew I wanted to feature a Mandala right in the front so I used the Mandala Drops Midnight for the Center of the flap and Laced Infinity (I love its color) for the rest of the exterior. This is a very elegant and roomy wallet. I really love how the turquoise looks with the dark midnight blue.


For the bag I used one of my self drafted patterns. This one is a small Tote Bag with a peek a boo Front Slip Pocket and zipper closure. I’ve made this one before but this time I made some tweaks to show off both of Mister Domestic’s prints I used. Here I inverted the main fabric and accent from the wallet. The bag is interfaced with Pellon Flex Foam so it can be used to carry an electronic Tablet. I used some strap connectors and metal label from Emmaline Bags.


After making these for Quilt Market I made another bag with the Mandala Drops in Midnight matching it with brown Cork Leather and also made a Mini Necessary Clutch Wallet with the Laced Infinity and Navy Blue Cork. I got the extra fabric from


If you want to see or buy my bags you can find me on instagram: @normasbagboutique

Remember to Never Stop Learning.

I am absolutely blown away by not only Norma’s talent, but also her generous spirit and kind heart. I’m honored to know her and honored that she was a part of my very booth at market. Thank you Norma… from the bottom of my heart.

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  1. Mathew Boudreaux
    Norma I Agron

    Thanks so much for the feature! I got a little teary when reading it. Although I did laughed when seeing your reflection on the strap connector. Sorry! 😉 This experience has been a blast!

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