Henley Style Tunic by Florence Taylor

Florence is fierce and fabulous and brings a ginormous to my face every time I think about her. Seriously check out her Instagram and you will have the same reaction. When my collection came out, she immediately told me how much her son loved it and his excitement at me being a male designer. So when Florence reached out asking to make something for my Spring Market Booth, I had to say yes.


I am fairly new to sewing and find it a great way to focus and be creative.  I generally sew for my twin girls but have this amazing, funny and creative son.  This collection is his narrative and spoke to him. He’s twelve and mommy made clothes have not been at the top of his must have lists.  Mathew’s Loved to Pieces collection was the first time I saw him excited about fabrics and in particular me making him something.


I used CKC Slate woven henley style tunic.  I felt the pattern would compliment the colors and design of the fabrics.  I love the rich azure blue and the play of different colors in the stripe fabric.  My son loved the shirt but especially the design and look of the collection.  We plan to make more for him and he’s claimed all of this collection as his.  I’m so incredibly in love with each print in this collection and found in it something exciting and complex. 

Thank you to Mathew for allowing me to share in this journey with him.

Thank you Florence for being a part of my journey. You bring me joy.

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