Loved to Pieces Flowermania Strip & Denim Quilt


When I first received my strike-offs for Loved to Pieces, one of the very first projects that I began was this quilt. My Flowermania EPP quilt pattern was the very beginning of my exploration and creation of geometric florals and Loved to Pieces never could have happened without it. So naturally I had to make some iteration of Flowermania with Loved to Pieces and it had to be amazeballs. Amy Sinibaldi had made this phenomenal Flowermania Strip quilt for her Dollhouse Fabrics Look Book and I catalogued that idea in my head until the right moment.

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 4.21.37 PM.png

In case you didn’t know, I’m absolutely obsessed with all things denim and would use them in all of my projects if I could get away with it. So for this quilt, I knew that I had to use the classic denim from The Denim Studio by AGF. It’s the same weight as quilter’s cotton, and it integrates perfectly into quilts. But the journey of this quilt began with the first rosette. As this collection was inspired by my love of English Paper Piecing, this was my first chance to work with it in this light and boy did it blow me away. Like how cool is it to design a fabric for EPP and then EPP with it? Mind absolutely blown.


And at first I wasn’t sure how many rosettes I would need. So one become two, which became three, then four and then five seemed to be to magic number.

Once I had the gaps filled in and trimmed to a perfect rectangle strip, I sliced two yards of the class denim at a place that felt right and inset the five beauties.


And this is generally when I’ll fold up a quilt top for a while and put it on a shelf because I admittedly don’t really enjoy quilting quilts. But this beauty absolutely totally needed to be in my Look Book. Enter Donna Moore of Donna’s Lavender Nest, my hero beyond heros. Not only did she offer to quilt this quilt for me, but she bound it and sent it to AGF headquarters in time for it to get shot for my Look Book. She has such a generous spirit and is talented as all get out. I highly recommend her for any of your quilting needs.

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 4.14.23 PM.png

And right after the photoshoot, this quilt headed off to Portland to be in my Spring Quilt Market Booth, which was the first time that I was able to see the amazing finish in the flesh.

And finally today I was able to have a photoshoot of my own and continue to be blown away by Donna’s work. Make sure to click on each

And now it’s all folded up again because it’s so beautiful and I’m afraid to snuggle with it even though it’s so so snuggly. Am I the only one that gets this way about quilts?



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