Loved to Pieces Trucker Hats by Rachel Sterling

Without hesitation, the most talked about items in my Spring Market Booth were the trucker hats by Rachel Sterling of @SterlingSewn. When she presented the idea on my call to makers I knew I had to see them and then she made 13 and I was like omg wow I’m obsessed. Clearly so was everyone else.


She made some that were using one fabric and then some that were pieced using her Flying Chevron pattern, which you can purchase on her Craftsy in the form of a pouch.

Here are some photos that Rachel took too see the full range of awesomeness.

I asked Rachel to introduce herself and share anything that she wanted to share with all of you and here she is. Everybody say Hi Rachel!


Hi! I’m Rachel, from @sterlingsewn. I was born crafty, so I’ve needed to make things my whole life. Basically all the crafty kits, all the trendy crafts, everything from paint-by-number to melting multicolored drip candles on wine bottles to knitting. I’m pretty sure my family has no interest in ever receiving another handmade thing again (too bad, family!) I generally just teach myself or invent a way to get the result I want. I used to make clothes and accessories for my dolls. I was an art major in college, then got a master’s degree (also art,) spent some time designing and doing layout for a letterpress printing company, managed a San Francisco non-profit art program for adults with developmental disabilities. Then I got burnt out and went to culinary school to become a pastry chef (basically just making food stuff instead of crafty stuff!) 

I started sewing again a little over 5 years ago when I started having kids. I wanted them to remember having  handmade comfort items to grow up with. At the time, it also provided a much needed sanity “break” and sense of being able to accomplish a task without someone undoing it. I discovered modern fabric via Cotton + Steel around that time and have been hooked ever since! 

I had an Etsy shop for several years, but I closed it at the end of last year, because it was basically another chore that I couldn’t keep up with. I had difficulty selling handmade items at prices that made the production time worth it to me, so now I just make what I like when I have the time. Living in small-town Vermont means not a lot of access (to fabric stores, to other makers, etc.) so I am inspired and fueled every day by the online community of makers. My instagram is basically just a record of my making, but I love the little questions and comments that pop up from certain projects! I especially enjoy the ability to sew/create with no rules – I’m generally not into patterns, or pinning, or following directions, and the things I’ve learned from the process of figuring out my own ways of making are very satisfying. I like the juxtaposition of traditional patterns or blocks with modern fabrics, and I like the humor of combining a trucker hat, for instance, with fun fabrics and piecing. I have three kids age 5 and under, so my life (and Instagram feed) both reflect my attempts to find some sort of life balance (there is no balance!) I quit working full-time when baby number 3 was born last year, so I sew (as fast as I can!) only when I’m not digging  wonderclips out of tiny mouths, or playing restaurant, or practicing sight-words, or making snacks, or dealing with catastrophes.

Come say hi over @sterlingsewn! This year I’ve committed to an intensive learn-all-the-quilty-things-by-making-18-quilts goal, so there’s a lot of that. My original love is totes and pouches, so there’s some of that too (with the occasional princess dress or kid-request thrown in!) And hats. And pop-up sales, so I can have money to pay for longarming and buy more fabric! I’m selling a batch of trucker hats this Thursday June 7th over @shop_sterlingsewn, so if anyone needs one, comment claims open at 8pm ET.

Hot diggity dog. I’m getting this post up just in time for the sale, so make sure to snag one for yourself. As you can see from these pictures of Tara and myself, a trucker hat definitely adds cool points.

And then any time someone makes something specifically for Helena, my heart gets all the feels and I’m touched to my core. Thanks Rachel for Helena’s new favorite hat that she wears everywhere and thank you for being the shining star that I knew you would be in my Spring Quilt Market Booth!


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