Moonrise and Flurry Quilts made by Slice of Pi Quilts

I have decided that Laura is a wizard. There’s no other explanation. I’m a speedy sewist myself, but even I can’t grasp how she was able to masterfully make two quilts in a weekend, which was all the time she had between receiving the fabric and time I needed the finished makes back in time to have them for my booth. When I had a call for makers for my Spring Quilt Market Booth, I was super duper stoked when Laura reached out to make her new Moonrise Quilt because everything that she makes is amazing. Little did I know that she had a trick up her sleeve to make a surprise second quilt that truly touched my heart.

Here’s a little bit of info that Laura provided about herself and her patterns.

Laura is a quilter, pattern designer, and homeschooling mom of two young boys. She is also an ex-math teacher – and with a last name like Piland – there’s a strong love of pi in her house!

Laura made 52 quilts last year, and has already finished 26 this year! She set a goal to make 52 baby quilts for charity by the end of the year in addition to her “regular” quilty finishes.

The “Moonrise” quilt is a pattern that you can purchase in Laura’s Etsy ( and Craftsy ( shops. Laura blogged about making the quilt here (

The “Flurry” quilt is also a pattern that you can purchase in her Etsy and Craftsy shops. Laura blogged about making the quilt here (

You can find Laura on Instagram as @sliceofpiquilts (, on Facebook at Slice of Pi Quilts (, and on her blog (

So the Moonrise quilt is this amazing applique/bias tape work of art. Such an amazing project and way to showcase any fabric really. Her choice of the Nocturnal Background and Denim Blue bias tape is absolute perfection. Here it is hanging out in my booth.

And then after market, this quilt took a trek to Miami to go on a photoshoot to get included in my Loved to Pieces Look Book.

Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at 9.09.16 AM.png

And then the Flurry Quilt was Laura’s surprise for me. After watching my reveal video, Laura decided to make this quilt for me as it was inspired by mandala rocks, which was a similar inspiration for my most personal print in my collection. And she made this with the “scraps” from the Moonrise Quilt she made. Woweewow.


Thank you Laura, from the bottom of my heart, for hustling to make all this happen. You are a true talent and will forever have a place in my heart.

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