Oh How Sweet Zipped Case & Sew Together Bag by Angela Purrenhage

I cannot contain myself about these two projects that Angela Purrenhage of Making Whatever made for my Spring Quilt Market Booth for Loved to Pieces. Having made both the Sew Together Bag and the Oh How Sweet Zipped Pouch myself, I know that these aren’t the easiest projects to make. And then on top of making these next level projects, Angela included two of my main squeeze fabric play loves: English Paper Piecing and Fabric Weaving.


Since I’m a big fan of progress photos, I asked Angela if she had any and these are what she sent. So much fun pulling back the curtain and see how much love and joy went into these makes.

It’s been such a blast getting to not only share the projects of these makers, but their stories as well. Angela was super generous sharing this part of her journey and am honored that she allowed me to share it with you all.

I don’t have a blog or business right now and my sewing story actually escalated from a sad place. So I have a BA in Art and am what my husband calls a jack of all trades master of none crafter. While I always sewed minor things, I did not get super close and personal with my sewing machine until after my son had completed chemotherapy for his relapse of ALL in 2015. Before that, I had only used my machine to make a couple of Halloween costumes and sew up a replacement grass catcher for my husband’s riding mower. I did do quite a bit of hand embroidery and sewing of Bucilla Christmas ornaments (which you could buy in kits). When my son’s treatment ended, I needed something different to do so thought I would take up quilting. I immediately started searching the internet for ideas on what to do.

I started by making a jelly roll race quilt with and for my daughter and then made 4 more lap quilts. These went to my Mother in law, her sister, and her two closest friends (I call them the old widows club). They were all just me practicing and learning while trying to figure out what I liked. I also made about 30 pillowcases for what is now called Ryan’s Cases for Smiles because while he received Chemo, my son was given many pillowcases during hospital stays (one of his stays was 6 weeks) and I wanted to give something back to them. These days, for everything I make and gift to someone I know, I try to make things to donate. Last year, I sewed 6 nicu quilts for a cause my friend champions, several more pillowcases, and lots of quilt blocks for my guild’s effort. 

I love sewing and helping others, so I try to find opportunities to combine the two. I often offer to test patterns for other makers or sew blocks for causes. If a friend has a cause close to them I try to help however I can. No matter what I make or who it’s for, I try to sew that thing to the best of my ability and am always trying to improve in some way.


After reading Angela’s story, I’m pretty confident y’all feel the same way I do about her. Not only is she a phenomenal maker, but her heart exudes generosity and her spirit is an inspiration. And I don’t know about this jack of all trades master of none business because these two makes are masterful. Check them out in these photos.

Also, the Woven Stars Oh How Sweet Zipped Case was in my Loved to Pieces Look Book. Yeehaw it’s a supermodel.

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 11.06.59 AM

And, even though Angela gifted these makes to me, in honor of her generous spirit, I will be auctioning these two items on my Instagram until June 22nd, with the proceeds going to Ryan’s Cases for Smiles. So please click on the images below to find the auctions and bid generously.

Oh How Sweet Zipped Case Auction


Sew Together Bag Auction


Angela, you are a remarkable person and maker and I am grateful to have gotten to know you a little more. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being a part of my Loved to Pieces journey.

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