Business S.H.E.T. Podcast with Mimi G


Mimi G is the S.H.E.T. For those who have been with me a hot minute, y’all know that I absolutely believe that there is enough space in this universe for every single one of us to be successful at anything we desire. The challenge is knowing what to focus on and how to get from Point A to Z, which is absolutely overwhelming, especially in the crafting & sewing industry. And after the awesome response from my Business in Crafting & Sewing Livestreams (general info, growing social media, and maximizing exposure), I know that many of y’all are yearning for more information and guidance.


Well as Mimi is the Beyonce to my Kelly in the sewing world, she definitely knows her S.H.E.T. and has learned a wealth of information as she’s evolved from being a sewing blogger to basically creating a sewing empire with SEW IT! Academy, Simplicity patterns, and now the Business S.H.E.T. Podcast to name only a few of her myriad accomplishments. S.H.E.T. stands for SOLVE a problem, HELP your customer/followers get passed their current stage, EARN respect, and build TRUST, which is an acronym representing Mimi’s systemic approach to building a brand. And now she’s going to share this S.H.E.T. with you in an awesome sauce podcast. Here’s the 411 for you to subscribe.

She plans to keep each podcast topical and under 20 minutes which is easily consumable and destined to change your life. Yes I’m being all extra is telling y’all about this, but that’s not confident I am in this podcast in Mimi G.

Keep it positive, y’all. Mister Domestic out.


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