Week 2: Loved to Pieces Blog Party

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Oh em gee y’all…. I can’t stop ooohing and aaahing about the amazing projects that everyone is making for the Loved to Pieces Blog Party. If you missed last week’s makes, here’s a direct link. For Week 2, here’s a list of the makers:

Ferry Crossing Quilt by Meghan Buchanan


In case you don’t know Meghan Buchanan, she’s the super duper talented pattern designr and maker behind Then Came June. All of her work is super clean and fresh and I highly recommend checking out her patterns. For the Blog Party, she made this low volume Ferry Crossing Quilt highlighting the Anthonem Serene print. It’s zenerific and reminds me of  a soft cloud of awesome sauce.

Scallop Quilt by Nicole Daksiewicz


Okay so I am basically obsessed with everything Modern Handcraft. I joke that I would totally single-white-female every new idea that she does because they’re perfectly cool. Like look at this Scallop Quilt! Like what the what? She’s launching this as a pattern in August so make sure to snatch it, mmkay?


And then she had scraps left over from the Pieced Bunches Cool print and decided to perfectly applique them onto an existing IKEA pillow that she had. Like woweewow. Don’t act like you don’t wanna single-white-female this idea. See….

Colleen Tote by Cristy Stuhldreher


Cristy of Love You Sew is the queen of bag details. Like legit as I’ve started making bags I always go check out what bags she’s made to see what accents and details she uses. She totally saved these ring handles for the right project and I’m super honored that she chose this one to use them. Like I didn’t even know they made such handles and I now I must have some. And if you’re looking for a clean-line tote to make, definitely check out Cristy’s Colleen Tote Pattern as it is magnificent.

Luminescent Quilt by Kate Basti


Kate Basti‘s work is simply magnificent. She’s not afraid of bold colors and patterns and magically makes everything she creates look like a piece of art worthy of prominent display on a wall. So when I saw that she actually displayed her Luminescent Quilt on her wall, I honestly freaked out a little because that’s how I envision most of her makes. While her work as a maker is prominently displayed on Instagram, she’s a talented pattern designer with patterns on both her site and craftsy.

Shoreline Boatneck with Courtney Davis

Courtney Davis of Sweeter than Cupcakes is such a talented garment sewist. I had never really had thought about putting bows on a cuff for a knit shirt before, but now that I’ve seen Courtney’s Shoreline Boatneck in my Efflorescent Celeste Knit, I can’t stop thinking about them. Aaaand she has a free tutorial on how to hack any shirt pattern to add bow cuffs on Melly Sews’ blog.



Fat Quarter Shop has generously sponsored a FQ Bundle giveaway of Loved to Pieces each week of my blog party that starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday. So head over to my Instagram each week to learn how to enter. The winner for the second week will be announced Sunday night. Super congrats!

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While I don’t promote anything unless I legit love it, this post contains affiliate links.


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