Week 3: Loved to Pieces Blog Party

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Week 3 of the Loved to Pieces Blog Party has already come and gone, but boy oh boy did it leave an impression on me. 5 insanely talented makers and 6 beyond bananas projects has absolutely blown me away. If you missed week 2, here’s a direct link to see those projects. And for week 3, here is the list of makers:

DIY Open Back Top by Mimi Goodwin


Kicking off the third week of the Loved to Pieces Blog Party was Mimi G in this bananas amazing top using my Gladiolumns Deepenbluem Rayon. If you don’t know her, she’s basically the Beyoncé of the sewing world and has super awesome fresh patterns that are both approachable and easy to follow.


And now she has a super generous Business S.H.E.T. Podcast where she’s sharing all her business know-how for folks wanting to either start or next-level their sewing/crafting business.

Lone Star Quilt Top by Kim Niedwiecki


Monday’s maker in the Loved to Pieces Blog Party was the ever-fabulous Kim Niedzwiecki of Go-Go Kim. Check out this Lone Star Quilt Top!!! If I only had one word to describe this is would be Omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg! Right?!? Like it is insanity to me how she used the colors and textures of the prints to create this fabric magic.

Woven Backed Linden Sweatshirt by Tara Curtis


If y’all don’t know how much I love Tara Curtis of Wefty Needle by now, I just can’t with you. She’s basically one of the most amazing creatures on this planet and I’m forever blessed to have her in my life. So basically she was mandated to make something epic for this Blog Party and boy did she ever. Not only did she weave with knit fabric, but she wove the entire back of a sweatshirt. Like what the what? This is insanely amazing and innovative and yaaaaaas.

Harlequin Quilt & Pillow by Saija Kiiskinen

Coming to us from Finland, Wednesday’s maker in the Loved to Pieces Blog Party was Saija Kiiskinen, who is one of the most inspirational makers I’ve come across on the interweb. Like look at this Harlequin quilt!!! Woooooooooow! And then this cushion that she made to go with the quilt that is effortlessly chic. Seriously everything that she makes looks like it came from a high end boutique.

Urchin Block by Jodi Godfrey


Woweewow! Jodi of Tales of Cloth knocked this out of the park with her new Dresden-inspired Urchin Block for the Loved to Pieces Blog Party. I just adore how she put everything together and that hand quilting ??. And now she has this EPP kit as a block that you can order in her shop so there can be Urchin’s all over the world!



Fat Quarter Shop has generously sponsored a FQ Bundle giveaway of Loved to Pieces each week of my blog party that starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday. So head over to my Instagram each week to learn how to enter. The winner for the second week will be announced Sunday night. Super congrats!

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