Week 4: Loved to Pieces Blog Party

The Loved to Pieces Blog Party has come to a finish with the conclusion of Week 4 and woooooooooow was it amazing. Whereas Week 3 coincidentally all worked with the Blue Binded colorway & hues, this week highlighted the the vibrance of the Fused Hues. Here’s a list of the makers:

Pickled Fish Quilt by Brett Lewis


Holy mackerel!!!! This Pickled Fish Quilt made by Brett Lewis of Natural Born Quilter for the Loved to Pieces Blog Party is fantastically magnificent. Like seriously I could stare at this for hours just looking at all of the amazing workmanship. And on top of that, he’s such an awesome dude and amazing dad. Head over to his IG and blog to see more pics and learn all about this pattern by Chris Jurd. Definitely one badass way to kick off this week of makes

Obsession Quilt by Karen Tripp


Check out these crazy amazing Obsession Blocks by Karen Tripp of the DIY Addict. Such amazing awesomeness!!! The details. The curves. The fussy cutting. So much love for this pattern and I love that she appliqued these to make a quilt. Head over to her IG to see what she did with them and to show her some love.

Personalized Quilt by Tracy Martin


Eeeeeeeeek! Tracy Bug Creative’s generously made the most amazing personalized quilt for Helena in  Loved to Pieces Blog Party and I’m totally freaking out. Tracy makes personalized quilts and Helena totally picked the fabrics she wanted and this is beyond yayayayayay! Make sure to check out her shop and blog for more deets. Omgomgomgomg!

Flourish Cushion by Sharon Burgess


Do y’all know Sharon Burgess of Lilabelle Lane Creations? Well she basically lives in the future since technically it’s always tomorrow in Australia. Isn’t this EPP pillow like yaaaaaay?!? I’ve worked with some of her patterns and her Quilting on the Go book that I have is phenomenal. Soooo goood, the fringe makes it over the top amazeballs. I just love this so much.

And check out this boxed zipper pouch and bow ties made by Sharon. Oh em gee with cuteness I can’t so good. Those pom poms!

Quilt-as-You-Go Pouch by Maureen Cracknell


The master maker and fellow AGF designer, Maureen Cracknell made 20 of these amazing French braid quilt-as-you-go zipper pouches. Like how cute is this? She’s already sold out of them in her Etsy Shop, but I’d definitely favorite her shop and to check out her other makes and/or wait for her post something else because her makes are phenomenal. So head over to her blog and shop to show her love.

Pinky Promise Bag & Travel Set by Kylie Gersekowski


For today’s final stop on the Loved to Pieces Blog Party, Little Moo Designs has generously made this uber awesome Pinky Promise Bag for Helena. It’s legit the perfect size and I know she’s totally gonna flip once it arrives from the future. Head over to Kylie’s blog to learn more about this make and her pattern so you can make one of your very own.


Not wanting to leave me out, Kylie of Little Moo Designs made me this Hand Sewing Edition of the Jetsetter’s Travel Compendium, which is a pattern in her new book: The Escape Travel Set. What an amazingly sweet and thoughtful make!!

FQ Bundle Prize by Fat Quarter Shop


Fat Quarter Shop has generously sponsored a FQ Bundle giveaway of Loved to Pieces each week of my blog party that starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday. So head over to my Instagram each week to learn how to enter. The winner for the second week will be announced Sunday night. Super congrats!

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While I don’t promote anything unless I legit love it, this post contains affiliate links.


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