Aura Hopscotch Quilt (Modern Quilts Block by Block Blog Hop)


When Emily Dennis reached out to see if I had time to participate in her new Modern Quilts Block by Block Blog Hop, I think my response was “Heck ya, I’m there. You rock.” And rock she most definitely does. I waited to decide what I’d be making until I received the book, because much like fabric, I needed to see what spoke to me when I had the book in my hands. And since the fabric was already selected since my Aura Collection just came out, the Hopscotch Pattern screamed out at me telling me to use the entire collection with white & gray.


So with fabric selected, these are the other supplies that I used:

Once I prepped and cut everything, this quilt came together with the quickness, especially since I decided to chain piece like a boss. If this concept is new to you, I created a super short YouTube tutorial on chain piecing.


After I was done with the tutorial, I decided to continue chain piecing as much as I could and I created this magical grid attached by the thread, which also allowed me to match up the seams super easy.

For the quilting, I did straight line quilting 1/8″ on both sides of each main seam just for reinforcement and bound it with my favorite color in the universe both in fabric (Tile Blue Pure Element Solid) & thread (Dark Teal Aurifil).

I absolutely love how easily this went together and the beauty of this pattern in Emily’s  Modern Quilts Block by Block. There are so many awesome patterns in the book that I would definitely recommend this as a staple in your quilty library.


And make sure to check out all of the other amazing makers in the Modern Quilts Block by Block Blog Hop.


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