Adventure Awaits Embroidery Hoop

Ever since I decided what I was going to make from Beverly McCullough‘s new Vintage Home Sewing Book, I’ve been super pumped to share it with you. And like, I know you probably wouldn’t put Vintage and Mister Domestic in the same category. But like I legit think that style is soooo beautiful and I’m obsessed with so many of the techniques. In each of these amazing projects, it was super easy for me to visualize how I could make each one my own

But this one project in particular gave me all the feels: the Adventure Awaits Embroidery Hoop. Check this out from the book.

Adventure Awaits Embroidery Hoop – Vintage Home Sewing

Like I wanted this on my wall. It’s very much a representation of everything I stand for and needed this as a reminder on my wall. I quickly picked out my fabrics from my Aura Collection and went on a hunt for just the right embroidery hoop. I found it on ebay, so there’s not anything I can link to, but it was perfect. And then I picked out some needles and thread and was all ready to hand embroider even though I had never done it before. After about an hour into it I had realization that this was not the time to take on another slow craft and I decided to start over and use Alphonso’s magic.

Alphonso – Brother SE 1900

Like maybe one day I’ll get into hand embroidery, but Alphonso getting the task done in 15 minutes has me thinking that maybe my version of hand embroidery will be the kind that involves my hand pushing a button.

Adventure Awaits Embroidery Hoop – Mister Domestic

So thanks for stopping by on my day in the Vintage Home Sewing Book Tour. And make sure to check out the #vintagehomesewingbook for more projects and makers in the tour.

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  1. Mathew Boudreaux

    I like the project you chose. Yes you should try hand embroidery. It is so enjoyable and relaxing.

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