Aura Blog Party – Week 1

The Aura Blog Party kicked off with quite the bang with the first four makers. Such a diversity of projects and all of them were amazing.

Meet the Makers

Kite Quilt by Amanda Woodruff of A Crafty Fox

Omg y’all!! Amanda Woodruff of A Crafty Fox sure does know how to kick off a blog party! First up is her amazing Kite Quilt that she designed using my Aura Fabrics. If you don’t follow her, you totally should. Everything she makes feels like a really good deep breath to me. Like those breaths where any modicum of stress immediately leaves my body when her photos pop up in my feed. So make sure to head over to her blog and show her love. Spectacular work Amanda!!! ??

Sloth Stacks on Duffle Bag from Little Moo Designs & Sew Quirky

Day two the Aura Blog Party takes us all the way to Australia for this amazingly adorable, functional & stylish collaboration between Little Moo Designs & Sew Quirky! Like seriously let’s all take a moment to go aaaaaawe. Both the sloth and duffel bag are patterns to make so visit both of these makers and give them their ???.

Cuteness Overload by Sharon Holland

Okay so first Sharon Holland‘s granddaughter just makes my heart smile super big. For my blog party, Sharon made a stuffed turtle and a full ensemble and I just can’t get over the cuteness overload in this picture. Make sure to check our Sharon’s blog to see more pictures and learn all the details in these awesome projects. ?

Magnolia Dress by Kim Niedzwiecki of GoGo Kim

Within minutes of me getting my hands on this Aloha Spirit Luau Knit from my Aura Collection, I texted Kim and told her she had to make a dress with it because she immediately popped in my head and it would be gorgeous on her. Fast forward to today, holy wow oh em gee I just can’t control the ??. So go visit her blog where she shares all about this make for my blog party. Wow Kim. ???

Thanks for checking out the first week of the party. Stick around for more amazing makes from spectacular makers in the next four weeks.

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