Aura Blog Party – Week 5

Week 5, the final week in the Aura Blog party, has come and gone and boy oh boy did we go out with a bang.


First up was Whole Circle Studio and I’m absolutely smitten with these EPP mini quilts she made using her new Typecast pattern. Make sure to head over to her page to show her all the ?❤️?

Next up in the Aura Blog Party is the incomparable Elina Temmes. Here’s a close up of one of her makes and ?? it’s so good that hand quilting ?? Head over to her page because it’s all ??

Wednesday’s stop on the Aura Blog Party train is Jen Jennifer Strauser and all I gotta say is wooow. The layout and color flow and details in the quilting and location and yaaaaay. 10s across the board. Please head over to her blog and give her the well earned ???

I remember the first time I discovered Saija. Her work absolutely took my breath away. And each and every time she posts a new project it has the same effect. Today she shared her makes in the Aura Blog Party and, once again, my breath has escaped me. This Hibiscus Quilt is exquisite. Please head over to her blog and show her the ??

Code red y’all, code red. We officially have ???. BRITTANY!!!! This dress is amaaaazing! So today is Brittany J Jones’ day in my Aura Blog Party and OMG!!!!!! I don’t know the acronym for this but I am officially flipping out in real life! Please run to Brittany’s blog to show her ??

Omg yall! Jodi from Tales of Cloth is amazing!!! She made this amazing Shallows Quilt using my Aura! This is hand stitched English Paper Piecing y’all! I sure do love her to pieces. Please go to her blog and show her all the love.

Today’s Go Go Kim’s second stop on the Aura Blog Party and she made this delightful Sweet Baby James quilt. I love that she had a helper take pictures in the wild. Quilting…. it’s a family affair… ??

Check out this Bloom quilt that Color Girl Quiltsmade for my Aura Blog Party!!! It’s a brand new pattern and is like a party for the eyes I keep looking all around at all the pretties. Make sure to check our Sharon’s blog to show her ??

Thanks for coming along with us on the Aura Blog Party journey and thanks to all the amazing makers for the phenomenal makes.

While I don’t promote anything unless I legit love it, this post contains affiliate links.


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