Legendary Squares

The moment that I got Pat Bravo’s Legendary Collection, I knew that I needed to make a quilt. The colors are prints were perfection and immediately a gradient came to mind. So I whipped up a squares design in illustrator and jumped right in even though I had a bajillion other projects in the works. That’s just how it is sometimes, ya?

Since piecing this quilt was all squares, I was able to next level my chain piecing skills by piecing the quilt together in 1/4 segments. The result was a bunch of super ooh la la progress photos. Here are a couple for your viewing pleasure.

And then I made a tutorial so everyone else can work their advanced chain piecing magic.

And then here’s the quilt top all pieced together. It legit looks like it’s in sunset light but it’s not. Such a gorgeous array of colors.

Shortly after I finished this top, I met Melissa of Six Kids Quilts who is basically a long arm magician. I’m so super honored that she worked her magic on this quilt.

And then once I was finished, I needed to add a quilt sleeve for it to be hung with 9 of its friends in Quiltfest Northwest, so naturally I had to make another tutorial in case any of y’all ever needed to do this.

After sewing on 10 sleeves in a row at a rampant pace, I was admittedly a hot mess when I filmed the video. So here are the measurements in you don’t want to eyeball it as you go.

Before starting this project, I wouldn’t have gravitated to the simplicity of sewing squares. But now that I have some tips and tricks and have witnessed first hand how dynamic squares can become, I fully expect more of this in my life. Happy sewing folks.

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