My First Quilt

My very first quilt was an absolute afterthought. Part of my process for making apparel was to deconstruct a bunch of old clothes so that I could understand their construction and discover the next level tips that were used. After a pile of old jean panels emerged, I randomly decided that I needed to make a quilt with them. I had no idea what it was called at the time, but I made this string block quilt, with a cut up fleece blanket for the batting and apparel shirt fabric for the back. To date, it’s still our most used quilt in the house.

Had I never broken the seal to make this quilt, I probably would still be making apparel and never got into quilting. So when Fat Quarter Shop told me about their Ultimate Beginner Quilt Sew Along, I knew that I wanted to help out to try to bring more quilters into the fold to learn the joys of quilting and the quilting community.

Sew Along Schedule

Join Kimberly Jolly as she shows you how to sew each part of this quilt from start to finish. Along with the free video tutorials, we’ll provide additional sewing tips each week on the blog.

Video Tutorials
Supplies and Sewing Machine: August 1, 2019
Sew Quilt Blocks 1-9: August 8-October 3, 2019
Sew the Quilt Top Together: October 10, 2019
Quilting the Quilt: October 17, 2019
Quilt Binding: October 24, 2019

We’ll show off our finished quilts on November 7! For full details on the Sew Along, make sure to check out the Fat Quarter Shop blog for full details.

Quilting Buddies

There are a number of experienced quilters that will be making this quilt along side y’all. Here’s the list, so make sure to check them out and ask them questions if you have any along the way. And of course, you can always reach out to me.

So good luck y’all and have fun. If you’ve ever been interested in quilting, but never knew how to get started, this is for you. And even if you know how to quilt, go ahead and join in because a simple sampler block quilt never goes out of style.

Fat Quarter Shop Daily Flash Sale

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  1. Mathew Boudreaux

    i love this happened due to a pile of leftover garments!

  2. Mathew Boudreaux
    Felicia B

    I look forward to the quiltalong! I am sewing up the blocks for my first quilt now, but will need help with EVERYTHING once the blocks are done!

  3. Mathew Boudreaux
    Gina Tell

    I love how you just stumbled into quilting! ♥️

  4. Mathew Boudreaux

    Beautiful story of how you became a quilter! ♥️

  5. Mathew Boudreaux
    judy wilson

    Love that quilt!!!!…

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