Catch & Release Project Party – Week 4

Week 4 was such a wham bam week of amazing makes in the Catch & Release Project Party. Let’s get to know them a little more closely.

I can’t believe we’re at the halfway point in the Catch & Release Project Party. Today brings us this amaaaaaazing quilt made by On Williams Street. Legit everyone needs to make this so head over to their blog to learn all about it. They even did a tutorial on how to raw edge applique so make sure to check it out.

Kids Quilt by On Williams Street

Omg y’all!!! This pillow is exquisite!! The design, the quilting, the photo eeeek I love everything about this and must make one for myself. Everyone give MGJBTX Quilts a big round of applause and head over to her blog for this masterpiece in pillow form that she made for the Catch & Release Project Party! ?

Pillow by MGJBTX Quilts

Today’s stop on the Catch & Release Project Party Train is this Lone Star Quilt made by @jerryberry84 and Quilted by @handmade3d. At first glance you might miss it, but I beg of you to take time to pause, adjust the focus of your eyes and zoom in to see the NSWE compass around the star with the paddle ends in each of the corners. Ellen offered herself as a finisher in the Catch & Release Project Party and this partnership was pure perfection. I’m absolutely blown away. ?

Lone Star quilt by Jerry Roth & quilted by Ellen Ault

I think my heart skipped a beat when I saw this photo that @maggiemagpiestudio took of her project for the Catch & Release Project Party. She used @the_m_a_k_e_r’s new pattern and @bigfootquilts jumped in to help with some of the quilting. Please run over to Kim’s IG to show her some love. She rocked this out! ?

Quilt by Kim Barnett

Omg yall! I can’t even! These mermaids made by @jenniferjacksondolls for the Catch & Release Project Party are Dyn-o-mite JJ-style. Alls I know is that this mermaid pond is definitely a a place that I wanna hang out. Head over to Jennifer’s world to learn more about her and her amazing dolls. ??‍♀️

Mermaids by Jennifer Jacjkson Dolls

Rounding out week 4 in the Catch & Release Project Party is the fantabulous @sewdemented with this yet-to-be-named upcoming pattern for this bag of perfection. What would you call this beauty? Head over to Michelle’s to let her know. ??

Bag by SewDemented

And just like that, we are halfway through the Catch & Release Project Party. Stay tuned for more amazing projects to come.

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